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Dutchman Theunis de Jong is better known under his nickname "Jongware" and has been bothering people since 1966. Started as pressman's little helper in 1984, fresh from school. Really wanted to work in the graphics industry, so he had no problems starting at the very bottom :-) His computer talents were soon discovered, first by himself (being a math & science buff), then by his boss who quickly promoted him to the typesetter division. Worked with WordPerfect, PageMaker, and now InDesign -- but never with Quark. Well, hardly ever. Tends to dive in deep into technical stuff: PostScript, XML, XSLT, general programming in C++ (for DOS, Windows, and Mac OS X). Wrote programs in pure assembler for Z80, ARM4, 80x86, and 68000 processors. As it appeared, this seems the perfect background for right-brain activities such as Scripting and GREP, two InDesign features he fanatically uses (and occasionally abuses). Or was it left-brain? I always forget. I mean, he always forgets.


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