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I guess it all started in 1987, when I traded in my Sears word processor for a Mac 512k. Twenty-one years and many thousands of pages later, MacWrite and MacPaint on the 512k have evolved into the Creative Suite 3 on a MacBookPro, but it's never stopped being fun. I?ve worked in publishing since 1995, mostly making grade 6-12 educational products for history, science, mathematics, and world languages disciplines. I've also worked as an illustrator, drawing for anatomy books, spent a few years as Prepress Specialist using Kodak Prinergy, and as a Software Trainer, training folks in InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I also underwent Six Sigma Black Belt training in business process improvement. Currently I work for a large educational publisher, doing application development (translation: more XML than you can shake a stick at). I am DTP pack rat, treasuring a lot of stuff that most sane people would consider trash. I proudly display a complete Illustrator 88 package on my desk, along with my set of Photoshop 2.5 floppies, and my InDesign 1.0 CD. I've written about InDesign for InDesign Magazine and extensively (some would say obsessively) on my blog,


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