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Change Time in InDesign with Free TimeChange.jsx Script

Here’s a terrific free script that you’re going to want to remember: The TimeChange script lets you add or subtract hours from the clock time in your document. For example, let’s say you have times throughout your document set like this: 5:30 pm, 12:15 pm, 1:45 am, and so on. Then you realize you need to switch to a different time zone, 3 hours behind. Run the script, choose -3 hours, and you’re done!


The script can handle 12- or 24-hour (military time) clock time, with either a colon or a dot delimiter. Pretty darn simple to use, but it took some real thinking to build behind the scenes. The mastermind is Peter Kahrel, who has given so many awesome scripts to the InDesign community. Thank you, Peter!

You can download the script here.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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9 Comments on “Change Time in InDesign with Free TimeChange.jsx Script

  1. Awesome script but I’ve been trying to figure out how to get it to handle the way my times are formatted like it does in the script Peter Kahrel figured out in this thread:
    Unfortunately the linked script doesn’t have the slick interface and doesn’t change a.m. to p.m. like this one does. Very handy changing hundreds of times mutliple times a day.

    My times are formatted for example 7 p.m. rather than 7:00 pm so there are a couple things to figure out. Can anyone help me out?

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