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Adobe Launches Happy Birthday InDesign Site and Book!

This event has passed.

We have a saying in my family: A belated birthday card, gift, or call is wonderful because it stretches the birthday celebration out farther! So, in the spirit of extending the party, Adobe has launched, a wonderful site to promote 10 years of InDesign!

The coolest part of the site is a 78-page eBook PDF called Page by Page (free download!) written by our friend Pamela Pfiffner. (Some of you may recall that she was the original editor of InDesign Magazine, as well as editor in chief of a number of other magazines, including MacUser and Publish.)

There are also some videos (including one by me, mentioned in another blog post; more to be released each week for a while), an interactive timeline, and a big push to download the free trial, buy InDesign, or upgrade. I can see why the push is there (it is Adobe's product to sell, after all) but I do find it kind of amusing, because if you're interested in the site, you probably already own it!

Nevertheless, we applaud Adobe for their fun site, awesome free book, and -- most of all -- our favorite layout program. Here's to 10 more years of excellence!

  • Date: 08/27/2015