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Flash and InDesign Technology Preview Coming Next Week

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The InDesign Conference has a history of being a staging ground for new technologies that Adobe is working on. Apparently, Adobe will once again use the keynote address at The InDesign Conference in Miami next week as a forum for showing some new technologies involving both InDesign and Flash.

InDesign's relationship with Flash has been a bit rocky in recent times, because while you can technically import SWF files into InDesign (for creating interactive PDF documents), it's not really all SWF files, and the playback engine (once you're in Acrobat) relies entirely on Apple's QuickTime... and sadly Apple has been rapidly scaling back its support for Flash in QuickTime.

So what will Adobe's Tim Cole and Michael Ninness show next Tuesday? Has Adobe finally given up on SWF and interactivity, and they're now providing a Flash-to-InDesign converter so that people can return to the safe sanity of static for-print documents? Who knows?! One thing is for sure: Given Tim and Michael's matter/anti-matter natures, it's sure to be a blast. Stay tuned, and we'll tell you all about it as soon as we know something.

  • Date: 09/01/2015