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From InDesign to iPad: Learn How at the Print and ePublishing Conference

This event has passed.

The iPad is coming! The iPad is coming! But how best to get your InDesign content onto this tablet device? Will PDF work? What's the deal with the ePub format? Can you convert your InDesign document into an Apple iPad app?

All these questions (and more) will be answered at the InDesignSecrets Print and ePublishing Conference, May 12-14, in Seattle, Washington. The conference is an independent event, but it is being held at the Adobe campus in Seattle to make it easy for members of the InDesign team (such as the software engineers) to come talk with attendees -- and vice versa!

Of course, that is just one topic that will be discussed at the conference. Other topics include:

  • InDesign CS5: What You Need to Know!
  • Best practices for PDF for print workflows
  • Converting InDesign documents for Kindle
  • Dealing with MS Word-to-InDesign import situations
  • XML and cross-media
  • and more!

Plus, all attendees get a full-year subscription to InDesign Magazine, a one-month subscription to, free software, and a chance to win one of $5,000 worth of door prizes (including a full 20-person Adobe Font Folio)

Note that the early-bird registration ($200 off!) is ending in the next couple of weeks! So sign up now!

If you're a member, also check your InDesignSecrets newsletter for a 10% off discount code.

  • Date: 09/03/2015