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O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing 2010

This event has passed.

Last Februrary I posted a series of items from what I considered to be the premiere publishing industry event of the year, the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference. I attended as a correspondent for InDesignSecrets and loved every minute of the show. I learned a ton about eBooks, eReaders, technology standards, and the challenges and solutions that people are discovering in the brave new world of 21st century publishing.

Today, I'm tickled magenta to report that I'm going back. I will be filing reports from the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing 2010 conference, which takes place at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square from Feb 22-24.


The conference program is chock full of interesting sessions and speakers, so right now my real dilemma is choosing between conflicting seminars on my schedule. Well, that and finding the real Ray's Pizza. Plus, coping with the fact that everyone there will have cooler phones and eyeglasses than I do. Yes, cool cats are they. Maybe I'll pretend my eyeglasses are a phone. Anyway, when Adobe and Google are both sponsoring and presenting at an event, I know I'm in the right place.

My schedule will probably go something like this:

Monday 2/22 looks like a killer day end-to-end, with seminars like Practical eBook Formatting: Limitations and Optimizations, Rich Media Roundup: Promising Projects, Emerging Standards, and Digital Printing.

Tuesday 2/23 is no slouch either, with sessions like The Next Generation of eBooks: Invent It or Witness It! Adobe Digital Printing: Delivering Immersive Content Experiences, The Future of Digital Textbooks, and Future Proofing Your Content and Workflows.

Wednesday 2/24 I plan on attending Ten Secrets of Digital Publishing No One Will Tell You (hey to write on this blog, you have to be all about the Secrets), Integrating an eBook With the Internet, Going Beyond eBooks: Print to Digital, and Form & Function: The Future of Reading Digital (presented in part by Adobe).

This event is coming up soon, but there is still time to register if you're interested and able to join me there. Here's the registration page, where you'll find all the info, plus an absolute smorgasbord of discounts (for librarians, small publishers, non-profits, gov't, students, teachers, etc) worth up to 65% off.

Also, if you act quickly you can save $250 by registering by January 11.

I'd love to meet up with any InDesign Secrets readers who make it to TOC 2010. DM me on my Twitter page and we can work out the details.

Speaking of Twitter, you can also follow the conference on the Tools of Change Twitter page, or become a fan on Facebook.

If you can't make it in person, you can read my posts here and on, and follow my tweets.

To get a real sense of what TOC is all about, you can watch full sessions from last year's Tools of Change Conference at

Finally, no post about O'Reilly would be complete without a link to, where you can create your own custom fictitious book cover in the style of the O'Reilly books.

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Hope to see you in New York.

  • Date: 08/31/2015