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Tools of Change Warm-up: Videos on The Future of Publishing

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Starting next Monday, Feb 22, I will be reporting from the O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference in New York City. During the three days I am there I will do my best to gather each and every interesting nugget on the future directions of publishing from both technology and business angles. I'll be posting my session notes, tweeting, and conducting interviews with some interesting folks. To whet your appetite for this information smorgasbord, here are a couple of video appetizers, digital amuse-bouche if you will, compliments of the chef.

The first is a 30-minute chat between between Tim O'Reilly and Adobe VP of Experience Design Michael Gough, entitled The Future of Publishing. It's a long video, but set aside some time and watch the whole thing. Mr. O'Reilly has some fascinating ideas about the nature of publishing those things we call books, both now and in the future. And I like his t-shirt.

The second video is much shorter, but still quite interesting. It's a sneak peek at the "digital rebirth" of WIRED Magazine.

It shows the magazine as an Adobe AIR application built to run on various devices (including the iPad with a little help from Packager for iPhone). You can read more about the Adobe-WIRED project on the Adobe Digital Publishing blog.

What the video doesn't show (and what I'm dying to know) is how exactly the "reborn" content is designed, produced, QC'd and output. You know WIRED uses InDesign for the print magazine, so what role will our favorite layout application play in this brave new world? That is one of the main questions I will seek to answer next week in NYC.

  • Date: 09/02/2015