InDesign Magazine 50% Subs and Renewals Discount!

Jumping into the “Cyber Monday” swing of things, earlier today at InDesign Magazine we announced a Monday-only 50% discount for new subscriptions and renewals of existing ones. Woo-hoo! Response was so great we decided to extend it until end of day Tuesday, December 3.  (“Cyber-hangover Tuesday.”)

To take advantage of the sale, go to, click the Subscribe button at the top, and use the discount code CYBERM when you check out. The discount code expires midnight on Tuesday.


What’s InDesign Magazine? 

If you’re an InDesign professional, you have to subscribe to this! It’s the only way you’ll keep sane. In continuous publication since 2004, InDesign Magazine is a bimonthly PDF magazine, 60–100+ jam-packed pages per issue. It’s the only periodical devoted entirely to Adobe InDesign and to the thriving community of InDesign professionals: designers, production people and developers, who are using InDesign for print, PDF, DPS, and EPUB publishing. 

Published by the team of Anne-Marie Concepción and David Blatner, and overseen by editor-in-chief Mike Rankin, InDesign Magazine brings you the in-depth features, reviews, and tutorials you need to master Adobe InDesign.  Like, InDesign Magazine is an independent publication, not an Adobe product. InDesign is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.


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7 Comments on “InDesign Magazine 50% Subs and Renewals Discount!

  1. I would love to do this — and, in fact, I have tried at least three other times (besides tonight) to take advantage of one of the subscription deals that you have mentioned here before. (I recall at least a couple of times when a $25 annual subscription rate was offered.)

    But EVERY time, I always encounter the same problem: the form keeps kicking back a message saying I used an invalid coupon code. I’ve tried other browsers, I’ve tried case-sensitivity, and nothing works.

    I think the magazine looks great, and I’m sure it has a lot of content that I would benefit from reading. But I give up on trying to subscribe. If I paid full price, I would always have a nagging memory that I SHOULD have gotten a discount when it was offered; and obviously the discounts just aren’t working properly. So I’m out.

  2. Me too. Tried to subscribe, but returned with «invalid coupon code» message. Please, let me know if you’ll fix this. Best regards!

  3. I’m glad that we got it working. Thanks to everyone who subscribed! Whew! We’re going to have some fun announcements about InDesign Magazine coming up in the next couple of months… but first: the December issue will be coming out next week!

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