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InDesign Pro Community on Facebook

Facebook quietly rolled out yet another new feature a couple weeks ago called Interest Lists. I created one for InDesign users called the InDesign Pro Community. (You'll need to be logged into Facebook to see the list.)

An "Interest List" is a public list of specific Facebook Pages (and "Pages" are special Facebook accounts for businesses to help connect with their customers. I have a video title on it.) When you make an interest list out of a few Pages, or more commonly when you simply subscribe to someone else's list, you can click the interest list's name in your left sidebar on Facebook and see all of the recent posts by all of those Page owners/admins in one scrolling window. This is far easier than going to each individual Page to see if they posted anything interesting recently. (Unlike your close friends's status updates, it's very unlikely that a Page's update will appear in your newsfeed, or Wall, when you go to your Facebook account.)

Here's part of what I saw this morning when I clicked the InDesign Pro Community link:

Unlike regular Friends lists, you can only add Pages, not personal Facebook accounts, to an Interest Group list. I spent some time this past weekend hunting down Pages that are specifically about InDesign (and tried to stay away from more general Creative Suite pages). There is an InDesign Facebook Page run by Adobe, of course, but then there are also a few InDesign User Group pages, and company pages from InDesign developers like In-Tools and DTP Tools. (Interestingly, one of the most active pages is the New Delhi InDesign User Group. Check them out!) I also added any Pages I could find where the admin simply wrote about InDesign fairly often, such as Kelly Vaughn's DocumentGeek page, and ? of course ? the InDesignSecrets page.

Check out the InDesign Pro Community list and if you like it, click the Subscribe button at the upper right. (And click the Share button too if you think some of your friends are InDesign fans like yourself!) It's a neat way to quickly see a bunch of great InDesign information, announcements, and links in one place on Facebook.

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10 Comments on “InDesign Pro Community on Facebook

  1. Wow, thanks Anne Marie! Someone at our IDUG meeting tonight told me that I was mentioned here. I had no idea. That is so great! I clicked on the link to my facebook page above, but it took me to the New Delhi IDUG page. :)

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