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InDesign User Group Site is Up and Running

After an absence of more than three months, the InDesign User Group web site,, is back on the air!

There are still a few glitches that the site engineers are (hopefully) working on. For example, if you leave off the "www" from the URL, you'll get an error. For now, be sure to enter the full address in your browser. And some IDUG leaders on Facebook and Twitter report problems with new users not being able to sign up, some IDUG chapters not being accessible, and the need for some members who successfully log-in to remind the system which Chapter they belong to.

Let's give the site a few days to settle in and work out the glitches. Note that you're also invited to use our new InDesign User Group forum to post meeting notices and to provide feedback and links to your IDUG leaders. (Why doesn't the official IDUG site have a forum? 'Tis a puzzlement.)

Anne-Marie Concepcion
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5 Comments on “InDesign User Group Site is Up and Running

  1. the need for some members who successfully log-in to remind the system which Chapter they belong to.

    Yeah, it lost my membership. I hope they fix this for most people, because most people are not going to bother to go to their web site and sign up again…

  2. Thanks Anne-Marie …. Funny, it takes a gal from Chicago to tell me what’s happening in my own backyard :) We can count on AM to know what’s happening.

    I’m all signed up with my existing Adobe ID.

    Wasn’t the meeting a “first-come” basis before the site came back up?

    Best – diane goodwin

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