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Need to Build a Calendar in InDesign?

I wrote an article about how to create calendars in InDesign Magazine, Issue #21 (December 2007/January 2008). For those of you who haven't been subscribing, I encourage you to do so; or you can buy that one back issue if you want. The article mentioned templates you could use, but focused primarily on a script by Scott Selberg called CalendarWizard.

There is an old and crusty version on the Adobe Exchange, but I wanted to point out that you can also download the script from this page at

Also, if you're wanting to lay out a calendar with vertical spreads (that is, where one page is on top of the other), be sure to read this post about PageControl, and this post with Anne-Marie's cool trick.

David Blatner
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6 Comments on “Need to Build a Calendar in InDesign?

  1. For german speaking readers I take the liberty to give a link to my blog (=paragraph composer ;-)), where I had a posting about a very flexible way of calender-making with Excel and InDesign.

  2. Teus de Jong wrote a nice little script in 2005 that automatically exports any document to PDF, then creates a new document in rotated aspect and places the PDF, rotated, ready for for either printing as spreads for top binding or single sheet use, or for imposing into a saddle-stitch binding.

    You?ll find it at

    (cross-posted on the page with Anne Marie’s trick)

  3. I have CS4 and subscribe to indesign magazine, however when I use the script fowllowing the directions I get an error. Any ideas what I am doing wrong.

  4. Wondering if Scott has any plans to update this script for CS5? It sort of works but has a number of glitches with it…

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