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PR: Recosoft PDF2ID 3.0 Released Today

Recosoft Ships PDF2ID® v3.0, the de-facto PDF-to-InDesign converter for Adobe® InDesign® CS5

Osaka, Japan, September 9, 2010 – Recosoft Corporation has started shipping PDF2ID Standard/Professional v3.0, a major upgrade of the PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. PDF2ID converts PDF files to native InDesign documents, easing PDF document data recovery and reuse in InDesign.

PDF2ID v3.0 incorporates over 150+ new features/enhancements and has been designed to operate seamlessly with Adobe InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5.

Furthermore, PDF2ID v3.0 enables the conversion of variable page size PDFs to variable page size InDesign documents and contains new options to control how graphics objects are processed.

Finally, PDF2ID v3.0 intelligently identifies text frame wrapping around graphics objects ensuing in better layout accuracy in the resulting InDesign file.

“PDF2ID is a must have tool for any InDesign user who needs to convert PDFs into native InDesign documents”  says Chris Kitchener, Product Manager, Adobe InDesign. “There’s simply no other solution like it in the market today. “

Key New Features

  • Integration with InDesign CS5
    PDF2ID has been enhanced to operate and function with InDesign CS5.
  • Variable Page Size PDF
    PDFs that contain variable page sizes are now converted to InDesign documents with variable page sizes.
  • Frames Linking Across Pages
    Frames linking across pages has been introduced allowing frames that are considered continuous across pages to be linked automatically.
  • Separation of Text, Graphics and Tables into distinct layers
    Separate layers for Text, Tables and Graphics are automatically created generating an InDesign document that is easier to manage and edit.
  • New Graphics Options panel
    A new Graphics Options panel has been introduced, which provides complete control over how vector graphics and images should be processed.
  • Interactive PDF properties
  • PDF Bookmarks, URLs and Transitions are processed and converted to the appropriate InDesign property and type.


PDF2ID v3.0 is available immediately from the Recosoft web store in the following configurations

  • PDF2ID Standard v3.0 US$299.00
  • PDF2ID Professional v3.0 US$399.00
  • PDF2ID Standard v3.0 Upgrade license US$129.00 (for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees)
  • PDF2ID Professional v3.0 Upgrade license US$159.00 (for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees)

About Recosoft Corporation

Recosoft Corporation is the developer of PDF2Office®, the de-facto PDF-to-Excel, PDF-to-Word, PDF-to-PowerPoint conversion utility; PDF2Office® for iWork, the only PDF-to-Keynote and PDF-to-Pages conversion application; and PDF2ID, the PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool. The company is a leader in designing and delivering PDF converters and PDF file conversion software solutions enhancing workflow automation and productivity. For more information on Recosoft PDF converters, visit URL:

Contact Information
Recosoft Corporation
Hommachi 1-5-6, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Fax: +81-6-6260-5543
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