Plug-ins and Scripts

Welcome to the Plug-ins and Scripts page, where we post links to commercial plug-ins and scripts that we recommend. More of these are discussed and linked to in our Plug-ins and Scripts blog category.

If you have questions about installing or running scripts, see this post that explains it all for you.

Here's some more FREE stuff!

  • Need to make a QR code? This free QR Code plug-in from Meadows Software does it for you!
  • SWFpresenter script: This is a must-have for anyone creating interactive documents (such as slideshows in InDesign CS5). Download the script here. Read more about it in this blog post.
  • Slide Show script: Want to make a self-running slide show? Check out Keith Gilbert's great free script here.
  • Zoom to 140 Percent: This small javascript written by Dave Saunders sets the current magnification to 140%. We discuss the uses of this in Podcast Episode 4.
  • Highlight On-Off: Cross-platform script that toggles all the Preferences > Composition Highlighting settings on and off. This script was written by Gerald Singlemann in his comment he made to a post about Compositing Skills.
  • Type Any Unicode Character: This script (called "dotless i.jsx") simply types a unicode character. You can edit this tiny script in any text editor, such as the free Text Wrangler (Mac) or NotePad (Windows). There are instructions at the top. Just change the Unicode number in the script and save it (you probably want to save it with a different file name).
  • Preserve Local Formatting: Dave Saunders wrote this cross-platform Javascript that can run through a selection of text (or the whole document, if nothing is selected) and replace locally-formatted bolds and italics (among others) with equivalent Character styles. The script adds the styles to the Character Styles palettes on its own,no need to create them yourself.