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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 34

It’s pretty dang hot here in Vegas this week (about 41°C), but you’d hardly know it with the astonishing infrastructure of air conditioning and humidifiers. But I tell you what’s even more hot: The never-dying enthusiasm of the InDesign community around the world! Here’s a few (well, more than a few) articles that I enjoyed recently:

Wow, that’s a lot to get through. Well, take an early weekend and start reading! Enjoy…

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5 Comments on “This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 34

  1. That IT-Enquirer article is a joke. In fact, if you read the PDF metadata it even says that it was created in Quark 8.

    They repeat the line multiple times how you have to use X number of panels to accomplish a given task in InDesign while it can be done with 1 panel in Quark. What they fail to mention is that in Quark the “panel” has 5 tabs and multiple menus, not to mention the lack of a preview checkbox.

    What is really interesting is how IT-Enquirer (Quark) is trying to brag about flash creation at possibly the worst time ever to brag about creating flash documents due to the whole iPad/iOS stuff going on.

    The other curious insite is that they were talking up Quarks ability to generate websites. A Quark generated “website” is equivent to a Microsoft Word generated “website”. It is nothing but a table-based code disaster that was wrong it 1996, and just plain said in 2010. While I wish it was possible to just export a website, there is as of yet to way to design a website by dragging and dropping. YOU NEED TO LEARN HTML/CSS.


  2. Wow, loving the over-produced fancy-shmancy Digital Publishing Solution video! Is this gonna be a free thing or paid?

  3. @lowJackson: Adobe has not announced anything that I know of about this solution, but the chance of it being free seems to be about as good as a snowball’s chance in… well, here in Las Vegas (where I am for another 2 hours… not that I’m counting).

  4. Those might be the worst sticky notes I’ve ever seen. I’ll take a grouped (vector) image with a separate text frame instead of a flat yellow square any day.

    Nice articles otherwise though.

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