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    Anyone have any annoyances with the new CC2014?

    I’ve noticed that I have more problems using my mouse. For example, I’ll double click in the kerning area (top of the screen) to type in the value I want. Half the time I can’t highlight it. I have to click the document and then try again. Or I’ll try to click between two characters to adjust something, and InDesign simply refuses to let me click between them. I have to click somewhere else and use the arrow keys. I don’t know, it just seems not mouse- or click-friendly.

    And this is not an issue of my mouse. I’ve tried several with the same results.

    I guess that’s my big issue (besides the ugly appearance of it).

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    David Blatner

    What are you comparing CC 2014 to? CC 2013? CS6?

    I haven’t seen that problem.

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    David–compared to CS6. And I didn’t know there was a CC 2013. I thought it was just CC.

    And that’s annoying. We got a file in at work and the customer said it was CC. The work station has CC on it. But–it was a CC 2014.

    Could not open the file, and it was frustrating. And then I remembered that CC 2014 was out. Lo and behold–that was the issue.

    I think this version thing is going to be a pain in the ass. I mean–the file was only a few day old, and suddenly it’s an “old” version.

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    David Blatner

    Well, yes, the UI is very different. When they went to CC they changed to the dark UI. You can make it a bit lighter in Preferences. But the icons and more are still more clunky, in my opinion.

    As for the clicking… that doesn’t happen to me. Have you tried rebuilding your preferences?

    And as for the version thing… well, it has always been that way, from CS5 to CS6, and CS6 to CC, and CC to CC 2014. (Yes, technically it was just CC, but I call it CC 2013 to differentiate it from this year’s version.)

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    Hey David–I haven’t rebuilt the preferences because it started doing it from day one and I have the same problem at home.

    And I know about the version things. A lot of the publishers went to CC and so, of course, we upgraded. They had just gotten CC and while we were upgrading, we got the CC2014. We’ve basically said–upgrade to 2014.

    I have made the setting lighter, and you’re right–the icons are clunky. I guess it will eventually grow on me.

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