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    Hi all,
    Hope this question isn’t out of bounds, but I figured you InDesign experts might have names of freelance applescript writers for hire.
    I really just need someone who can knock out relatively simple scripts to ease repetitive tasks.
    I guess I can just Google them as well, but thought it would make sense to find the best of the best thru you.
    Thanks much!

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    Hi Dennis! This is a GREAT question! We would love to have some sort of Scripter Job Board here. Hmm. At the recent PePcon, we had a full-day program called the Creative Developers Summit that had more InDesign scripters in attendance than you could believe.

    There are many freelance scripters around, but I don’t know offhand who would be available on a regular basis to do the occasional script for you. But there are few that you’ve seen mentioned on our site over and over, who usually do “meatier” tasks for larger companies, but definitely worth contacting to see if they’re interested or could refer you to someone.

    Kris Coppeiters from Rorohiko
    Marijan Tompa
    Harbs from In-Tools
    Dan Rodney
    Ariel Walden

    I find a very rich resource of scripters to be the InDesign Scripting forum on Adobe’s site, too.

    Just post a typical request you might have, and sometimes people will write a barebones script for you on the spot, posting it as a reply. Then you can follow up with them to work out a more robust version and a working relationship.

    Hope that helps!

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    David Blatner
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    Right! Can’t believe I forgot them.

    Also another duo, Jim Birkenseer (who was at the Creative Dev Summit) and Peter Truskier from Premedia Systems


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