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    Masood Ahmad

    Hi folks,

    I am currently working with Easy Catalog plugin for InDesign.


    I have also gone through the reading materials and video tutorials by Gabriel Powell:


    These are good, but they only cover the basics of it. I would like to have in-depth knowledge of the plugins.

    Does someone know any Video Tutorials either on Lynda or somewhere else, so that I can go through them and learn something new.

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    David Blatner

    No, sorry. You would need to reach out to 65bit for more information.

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    Neil Levett

    I know this is a late response but I am currently in the same boat. I have learnt the basics but now need a bit more in depth knowledge.
    I contacted 65Bit but they directed me towards the user manual but its not the most helpful document in the word!

    Has anybody found anything online?


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    Hey, I’m teaching EasyCatalog since 2011, but only in spanish. I’ve translated the user manual and work like a consultant and teacher of automated catalog publishing. But… my spoken english is not very good, sorry (I self taught the language during my daily train to and from the University, long time ago). I speak english like a sioux indian of the 70’s westerns films era… but we can try!

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    I’m late to the conversation on this one, but for those who come across this – The EasyCatalog Quick Start PDF that 65 Bit provides is an excellent starting point and it contains 7 easy to follow tutorials. EasyCatalog and data publishing is not simple – you need to put in the time to study and practice.

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