InDesign 5.5: help! how to print book to pdf/x-1a?

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    I swear I did this a year ago with another book. I need to turn this book of files into a pdf for Createspace and the print book dialog in the book panel doesn’t show me the pdf/x-1a 2001 preset. It gives me a default or I can create one myself. The printer selected is Adobe PDF. The file menu only applies to the active, single document, not a book, and while it does list Adobe PDF Presets I cannot apply them to the whole book, only the active, single file.

    I found that I can save the preset I need out of the presets dialog but I can’t load it into the print presets to use for outputting the book as a pdf. Anybody know where those are or how to get this done?

    My installation was just updated, but still doesn’t show what some videos say should be there.


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    Never mind. got it. needed to deselect all files in book panel and THEN export.

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