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    I am in the process of creating an interactive map. I have ‘hotspots’ on the map that bring up a text box with information when I click on them. I also have a button that is supposed to take me to a second page. I have a few questions about some issues I am having.

    1. When I click on my hotspots to bring up the text box, it works great. However, I want them to disappear when I click elsewhere, or when I mouse off the text box. Is there a way to have a sequence of animations occur so that the boxes will disappear, but not on a timer?

    2. Within the text boxes that come up, I have hyperlinks to URLs and links to open up an email. While the email link does work, the simple URLs do not. I went thru a tutorial from Lynda, and I can’t seem to figure out what could be the problem. Any thoughts?

    3. The other button I have is supposed to take me to a second page. However, I cannot get it to ever do so…does anyone know if there is a trick to getting to a second page?

    I am not sure how to attach a screenshot with the map, but if anyone lets me know how, I will do so.

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    Did you ever get this to work?

    1. On button info, choose Event: On Roll Over, make a text box visible and then choose Event: On Roll Off, make a text box not visible. This toggles between showing and not showing.

    2. You either have to choose text and make a hyperlink in Indesign under Interactive panel before making PDF, or add it after it is a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro (under Content > Add or Edit Ineractive Object > Link and then draw a box around item, choose Open a Web Page and then add URL.

    3.The button usually has to have an Action added in InDesign. Choose button and on Buttons/Forms panel, with Event: On Release or Tap, add an Action of Go to Next Page. Then when you make PDF, it will do so.

    Hope this helps.

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