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    Kris Sun

    I have a job that is currently in CS5. 22 files are in a book and make around 500 pages total. In CS5 I’ve always generated the pdf from the book’s flyout menu <Export Book to pdf…> and it’s worked perfectly. The created pdf is around 250 MB when completed.

    I’d like to move the job to CS6 or CC, but trying to create a pdf using the <Export Book to pdf> command in the book is giving me quite a bit of trouble for this job in CS6 and CC.

    I can create pdfs for each section manually, or I can create 2 pdfs if I split the book into 2 separate books, but if I try to create a pdf with the entire book InDesign becomes extremely slow and I end up having to force quit InDesign.

    Has anyone run into this problem?


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    Tom Venetia

    Kris, I experienced similar problems. I was using ID on Windows XP and CS5. All was beautiful.
    Then I switched to Windows 7 and ID CS6. It became a nightmare.
    ID CS6 is 32 bits and works very poorly on Windows 7. Of course there is no 64 bits version for CS6 because when it launched this version Adobe already knew that CC was coming.
    So now, if you want productivity, speed and flawless ID you MUST switch to CC. Or buy a Mac
    Shame on you Adobe!

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    Eugene Tyson

    I wrote a quick how to on troubleshooting files to discover their issues


    In your case you have “divided and conquered” and found out that you can export half the book and then the other half and it works.

    I suggest continuing this practice by exporting 2/3 of the book and see if it crashes – and if it does then try narrow down by exporting back 1 chapter at a time to where the problem chapter may be.

    Let me know how you get on.


    By the way – it might be a better workflow to export all your book files to IDML from your older version of InDesign

    – then open those IDML files in the later version of InDesign

    – then generate a new Book File and add the new files to this


    This script will allow you to make IDML files from a Folder of InDesign files make sure you’re in the older version of InDesign (play with it and you’ll what I mean)

    Speed things up for you.


    If you’ve already made a load of changes to your book and this is too much work to go back

    I suggest you export all your Files from your latest version of InDesign with all your changes to IDML.

    Open them in the latest version of InDesign – resave them as InDesign Files.

    Then Create a New Book in InDesign and try the export.

    Honestly it won’t take long.

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    Kris Sun

    Thanks so much for the ideas Eugene. I think your idea of exporting all of the files to IDML might be helpful. Definitely worth a shot!

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