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    Happy New Year everyone. Would anyone have any advice on the correct way to deal to tables in InDesign to ensure the proper accessible pdfs can be outputted?
    – I read somewhere that one should use table headers when setting up the table. Is this correct?
    – If a table continues over multiple pages, is there a way to disable the row header on the following pages?
    – Much of the Googleing today has pointed to extra legwork having to be done in Acrobat for the table to be accessible.
    Is this there a way in InDesign to reduce the amount of additional work in Acrobat? It seems as if Accessibility isn’t getting the attentions it deserves as many of these functions are hidden away.

    Many thanks


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    David Blatner

    This is a huge discussion. We had a 1/2 day about creating Accessible PDF files at The InDesign Conference last November in DC, and we may have even more at our event in Atlanta. There are no “flick this switch and it will all work” answers, unfortunately.

    I’m not sure what you mean by disabling the row header… are you using Table > Convert Rows > to Header?

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    If I covert a row into a header row it is adds a header across all pages that the table appears. Often this is what one is after, but recently I’ve come across an instance where the table needs so continue without having the header repeating on the next page. In which case I’d tend to covert the header row into a ‘normal’ row, however, in terms of accessibility, as far as I understand tables should have header rows. Currently my hack is to overlay a white rectangle over it so it isn’t ‘seen’ by the visual audience, but still is readable by a screen reader…

    As far as I know there hasn’t been an assessable PDF event in NZ… here’s to dreaming.

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