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What’s The Break Keyboard Character?

Terre Dunivant wrote:
What is that icon/shortcut next to Type > Insert Break Characters >Column Break? (also Frame Break, Page Break…)

Great question, Terre. These symbols on the Macintosh aren’t always obvious. However, InDesign for Windows spells it out clearly: That’s the NumEnter key (Enter on the numeric keypad). So, for example, to type a Page Break character, type Ctrl-NumEnter.

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4 Comments on “What’s The Break Keyboard Character?

  1. Jim, the only way I know to turn the numeric keypad on or off is with the Num Lock key, which most computer keyboards offer.

  2. Is it possible to perform a find/replace for column/frame breaks in CS2. This has been added to CS3, however I need it in CS2..

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