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Zanelli Releases MultiPageImporter for Importing both PDF and INDD Files

Well, it’s time yet again for another episode of “cool (and free!) scripts that can save you bundles of time and energy.” At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about Scott Zanelli’s PDFplacer script, which places each page of a PDF on to a different page of your InDesign document. That’s pretty cool, but within an hour, someone replied asking for more: The ability to import InDesign documents in the same way… then other folks asked for more features, too.

Scott, recently graduated and with too much time on his hands, complied. The new version of the script works with both PDF and INDD files. It’s also renamed MultiPageImporter. You can download it here:

Original file (made for CS3)

Original version from March, 2009, for CS4

Newer version (2.5), from March, 2010

Newest version (for CS5) from December 2010

There are detailed instructions in the folder (after it is unzipped).

Here’s a screen capture of the import dialog box:

But here’s my question: Why do you want to import all the pages of one InDesign document into another? How are you using this script to make your life easier? Just curious.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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220 Comments on “Zanelli Releases MultiPageImporter for Importing both PDF and INDD Files

  1. Hi Guys

    I’m getting Error 55 in Indy CC 2104, but same script runs in all earlier versions of Indy…any ideas?

    I’m certain I’m using the latest version – I’ve used this fantastic script ever since CS3 and am dismayed that it seems broken with CC14 (iMac running Yosemite)


    • It normally works fine in both CC 2014 and 2015 (PC) so I strongly assume this must be another issue. Is there any detailed error message? Error 55 is rather cryptic.

  2. Thanks for the prompt response Mike

    I get a dialogue that relates to line 124 in the script …Object does not support the property or method ‘cropContent’

    This applies to any flavour or size of PDF – all of which worked fine in previous versions of IIndy.

  3. Error 55 to line 124 reads, Object does not support the property or method ‘cropContent’ … this applies to Pdfx1a PDF4x …they all work fine in the previous version of CC

    Any ideas appreciated

    • Really sounds like an issue with the placed pdf files.
      For PDF-x1a this might be due to the 1a (=archive) part – those are normally not meant to be changed. Maybe InDesign respects that setting in 2015.

      As for PDF x4 I’m not even sure as to the level this is supported in Indesign.

      Did you cross-check with a simple PDF you generated yourself?

  4. All our PDFs are generated direct from Indy in-house and before CC2014 all worked fine.

    Just tried a straight HQ PDF and Press Quality with and without crops/reg marks/bleeds I don’t get further than the error dialogue.

  5. Looking at the script at Line 124 this appears to be a parsing module – checking for TrimBox, BleedBox etc within the PDF to be imported…we always export our PDFs with bleeds all round and crops etc so I’m guessing that Adobe has rewritten some parameter that is addressed by the script resulting in an Error 55?

    Doesn’t explain why some CC2014 users in this thread are fine whilst others are not.

  6. Sorted! I have 3 versions of this script and automatically used the latest version which doesn’t seem to work on 2014CC…so I tried the CS5 version and bingo!

    So for those who are having the same issue try the version named … MultiPageImporter2.5-CS5.jsx

  7. Hello there,
    I’m under Indesign CS6. I’ve a made an indesign document called Master_file.ind composed of 50 pages. Each page contains 5 empty image blocs.
    I want to load a bunch of .indd files in these 5 blocs in each page until all is done.
    Do you know if there’s a script for that ?

    Help welcome !

  8. Thanks! This will save me hours of time. I need to place 125 8.5×11 PDF pages into InDesign at 5.5×8.5 and have them scaled at the same time. I have tested it with a seven page sample at it worked perfectly.

    Thanks for creating this script.

  9. Works brilliantly in CS6. Thanks to you and Scott! People should note, though—I had to rename a PDF file so that the file extension was all lowercase (.pdf, not .PDF) or else the script wouldn’t recognize it as a legitimate file to import.


  10. Worked great until today, now it will not let me set an end page higher than 100, and I also can not specify a start page above 100. I’ve reinstalled the script and it’s still doing the same thing. Any ideas? This is a huge hit to my imposition workflow.

      • Nevermind, my .pdfs were corrupted in a way that messed up the page count, though oddly enough viewed normally.

      • Sounds like a classic. ;)
        I usually recommend to test with a known-good file if things behave odd. In my experience the issue is usually with the pdf and not with the script – it has been running remarkably stable for years.

  11. Shaking my head… Indeed. My bad in not trying another file! This script is indeed a miracle that has treated me well for years :)

  12. Hi folks,

    Is it also possible to import cross-references and hyperlinks (linking to another page of the document) into another INDD document, so that they are still ‘clickable’? I tried importing both an interactive PDF file as an INDD file, but in both cases it seems to be imported as an image and the interactive hyperlinks no longer seem to work.



  13. The script basically automates what you would do manually using file->place.
    As such, it places the ID/PDF as a graphic – you lose any additional features inside.

    Depending on your project you could copy pages from one ID document to the other though.
    (Just in case you don’t know – it’s possible to do so:

    This won’t allow you to scale and/or offset the copied pages though.



    • Thanks Mike,

      Thing is, I used this script as a trick to create a document that is Left-To-Right from one side, (English, pp 1-49) en RTL from the other side (Arabic, pp 87-1). The book then opens at page 1 as a left-bound book on the “English” side, and also at page 1 as a right-bound book on the “Arabic” side, with the endings towards each other somewhere in the middle of the book. I could not get this figured out with copying ID pages so far, would you know of a way?



  14. I don’t know why, when I download one of the extensions I get a jsx file, which only opens with AE; if I try to install with the extension manager directly in ID, the file is unreadable. What can i do to install it for ID?

  15. Love this script. Use it a lot for placing PDFs.

    For a new project, I need to know — is there a way to place pages only on the right-hand pages, rather than on running pages?


  16. You’re a genius. I was starting to panic because I have an 58 pages document to hand in a few days and I’ve just been told it’s supposed to be in A5, not A4.
    You saved my life, man. Thank you ever so much.

  17. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue i am? Ever since I downloaded this script I’m having issues with the files I place in indesign. If i have a file that is 8.75×11.25, which in includes .125 bleed all around, when placed in the indesign it comes in at 8.5×11. I make sure the bleed is open in the original PDF before placing but it still comes in at 8.5×11, without the bleed. If its not the script, can anyone suggest what this could be?

    -Thank you!

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