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A New Content-Aware Fit Feature is Coming to InDesign

InDesign content-aware fit

Adobe has published a blog post previewing a new option you will soon be able to use when placing images into InDesign: Content-Aware Fit.

According to the post, “This feature uses Adobe Sensei to help you place images into frames by automatically scaling and repositioning the image with the best parts of it displayed. With Content-Aware fit, images are automatically framed based on the context and focal point.”

Here’s a brief video showing the new feature.

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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9 Comments on “A New Content-Aware Fit Feature is Coming to InDesign

  1. The feature is probably best for those who create catalogs, employee or real estate listings and the like. Automatic makes more sense with that than with content that software doesn’t understand.

    I’m hoping that another new feature, Type Innovations, will finally allow users to find fonts with specialized uses. In my case that’s scientific ones. And for that, I hope they will—finally—add the open source STIX font, which has almost all that a scientific publication would need.

    Here’s Type Innovations.

    I’m also hoping the endnote function becomes more robust, allowing them to be included in independent frames in a text flow, such as graphics. Having endnotes is marvelous. I deal with books having a thousand or more of them. But they have to be used with care.

  2. Adobe have to make the same decision as when InDesign was conceived, I think we need a new (well funded and resourced) transparent (for community development purposes) publishing and design environment which allows export to multimedia including the existing interactive abilities once again.

    It can still be called InDesign.

    • html
    • PDF including html+css+js/as wrapper for distribution
    • PDF for print from the same file as the last point.
    • A transparent script editor
    • InDesign kerning on html/pdf wrapper export
    • Some new methods of setting up character/paragraph styles and also on the corresponding html + css export using units set as required e.g. ems/mm/px/points/vw/vh/pw/ph/% (and so on) for dimensions and also with additional control over the values depending on user set document variations = Custom responsive breakpoints set by the designer as required on all page, typographical and content dimensions.

  3. and no update to Data Merge . Like find data on datasheet based on …DATA. Simple little changes can improve a lot work with datamerge without need thirdparty plugins.
    And will improve the work of the scripters around the globe.


  4. I use images all the time in my work, and I think the Fill Frame Proportionally does a really nice job already, requiring only minor adjustments, if any, but this new enhanced feature is very cool. Looking forward to using it!

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