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A New Look for InDesignSecrets

Welcome to a brand new InDesignSecrets! We’re so pleased to announce our new look… a new logo, a new site design, a new structure. Actually, the structure is pretty much the same, but a bit more streamlined.

There is a lot that is not finished on the site! For example, you’ll still find lorem ipsum text here and there and plenty of pages that are not yet filled out. We’re sorry about that, but we’ll keep adding text and it’ll be done soon.

We really want to know what you think of the new site, but we especially want to know if you find things that just don’t work! Please leave comments and bug reports below. For example, if links don’t work, or if weird codes appear, or anything like that.

David Blatner

David Blatner

David Blatner is the co-founder of the Creative Publishing Network, InDesign Magazine, and the author or co-author of 15 books, including Real World InDesign. His InDesign videos at are among the most watched InDesign training in the world. You can find more about David at
David Blatner

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51 Comments on “A New Look for InDesignSecrets

  1. Looks great. The reply form is a bit wonky, though. I’m seeing weird stuff on Chrome on Windows 8. The email field is pushed way to the right.

  2. I just popped over to show a co-worker this site, and was pleasantly surprised with a shiny new site! Great work!

  3. Looks great Dave and Anne-Marie! I did notice 2 things real quick:

    1.) The second image of the “Secrets Revealed: InDesign Efficiency” article seems to be missing.

    2.) It says there are 7 comments for this article, but I only see one.

  4. How could i miss this ??? happy Max if any of you are going, and thanks for the new design !

  5. This is amazing! :) I love and use this site so much but I haven’t visited it in the last few days so it was a real surprise :) I love the new look a lot!

    I guess the forum is under construction as well, because I can’t find my latest posts or my “watched” topics. I used that feature a lot, so I hope it’ll be back :) (Of course I have to go around thoroughly it’s just the first glance.)

    Also if I log in, the page drops me to my profile page and if I come back here, it seems that I’m logged out again and I only can leave a comment with other accounts. But I guess it’s a huge work to change everything on a complex site like this, so I’ll be patient :)

    Thanks for the great work!

  6. Nope, sorry – long time follower. This really doesn’t work.
    80% plus of the main page it taken up with header, adverts, fluff and can only see ONE post without scrolling down, and can only see the last 5 posts because they all take up too much vertical space.
    and have you tried looking at it on an iPad?? Its even worse. Pretty is one thing, but useability is MUCH more important. I thought after 200 podcasts you might understand this. Clealry not.

    • I agree with you, John, particularly on the home page. We’re going to change the size of that big slideshow, which will help a bit. Still a work in progress.

  7. I hate to say it, but I find the text much harder to read now. It’s small and wispy and has too little contrast with the background. The blockquote text is also strangely huge.

  8. First impression: So much nicer looking; your content deserves it! And Google search instead of Bing — yes, thank you.

  9. I really like the new look except for the new forums. The forum list has tons of empty space now. It was much easier to view the different discussions headings in the old forum.

  10. 2nd impression: body font comma is weak, too easily mistaken for period. Can you improve that glyph?

    Search results still show old logo; you probably know that…

  11. Hm.
    Definitely a “work in progress”.
    Seen some “lorem ipsum”-text at “Watch & Listen”?

    First thing I did after looking at the new design: hitting cmd + – several times in the browser to get a smaller font size.

    Column width should adapt with the width of the window.
    Right now it’s just at fixed width centered? (see screen shot)


    • Thanks! The site design is “responsive” so that it does change based on the width of the window… but we don’t want it to get too wide, so yes, it does max out.

  12. Looks pretty, but it’s actually really hard to read. Sorry. Please consider a different font for both headers and body copy ? and make everything else less BIG and IN YOUR FACE!

    And why do I have to sign in with some other service to comment, even though I’m registered and logged in to the site?

  13. David and Friends — I think it was well time for an update! It’s fresh, I do like the new icon and I certainly think this new look more befits the professional resource you are!

  14. I usually view the site in Firefox on a Mac, and I think the change is good … except for the body font. It’s so light and thin I find myself straining to read it. I didn’t make it through the recent post about TOC tricks because I couldn’t concentrate both on reading it and understanding what Steve was talking about. The font in comments is just fine. I hope you’ll consider changing the body copy.

  15. I usually view the site in Firefox on a Mac, and I think the change is good … except for the body font. It’s so light and thin I find myself straining to read it. I didn’t make it through the recent post about TOC tricks because I couldn’t concentrate both on reading it and understanding what Steve was talking about. The font in comments is just fine. I hope you’ll consider changing the body copy.

  16. Slower to load pages, no? ‘Waiting for Facebook… Waiting for Discus…’ [Waiting for Aaron to make another cup of coffee while IDS loads…]

    And why are the comments here listed as ‘Best’ when it really seems they’re just all comments correctly ordered reverse-chronologically? (Which should indeed be the default, I think. Do you have that many comments that you need to be all NY Times about it with ‘Best’?)

    • Hm. Sometimes it loads much faster, and sometimes slower. We’re investigating. Thanks for your patience.

      As for “Best”… you can change that to Newest in the little pop-up menu under the comment section. “Best” means the ones that people vote up (with the little up caret thing). Not sure that really works for us. Think we should change it to always default to Newest?

  17. Search function seems wonky at best, and at worst broken? One search resulted in just the number 1. While that’s minimalist and enticing, it’s hardly informative. :) [To replicate this try searching for my other comment in this thread, using 2 keywords: ‘Aaron impression’.]

    Another search was obviously very incomplete, showing only 4 returns when there should have been at least 20.

    Sorting options would be handy too, ie chronological. If you’re using Google’s engine I’d imagine this is easy to plug in?

    • Argh! Yes, the search feature seems to be getting better and then it gets worse. This definitely needs help. I just found myself resorting to going to google and searching for “ searchTermHere” — that works great!

  18. I have not been able to log on since the change to the website. Can someone please resurrect the username kakkalla? Thank you.

    • We seem to have temporarily lost a lot of comments and forum posts… our developers are working on getting them back. We also seem to have lost a few of the user accounts, though most seem okay. I have emailed the developers with your information and I hope they can resurrect them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  19. I like the new look in general, but I feel like my monitor just got smaller and my internet connection got slower. The whitespace is excessive in places, so much so in the forum that I can see only 4 topics (and I thought I had a big monitor). Every page loads so slowly, that I’m giving up for today. I’ll be back in a few days.

  20. Wow. Just… you know, WOW!

    To use an old Steve Jobs quote: the old site was a “Big bag of hurt.” It was ugly, clunky, cluttered, and overall terribly difficult to read. Sorry. Loved the content, hated the site design.

    But this… this is just awesome.

  21. Hi David. Any luck with resurrecting my account? Should I give up? I don’t want to lose my posts.

  22. Fantastic work. A vast improvement. I almost didn’t realise it was your site. I found an article with a solution to a problem and thought “InDesign Secrets usually solves issues like this”. Lo and behold, it was you guys. The new look adds that much more credit to your service. :) Keep it up guys.

  23. Hi David,

    Since you have converted to the new website design, I am having difficulties with printing the content(text) of pages. Once I choose, Print the Print Preview mode looks fine. However, when I send to my local printer or try to create a PDF document, the content becomes gibberish or garbled.

    FYI, I am run Windows XP Version 2002, Service Pack 3 on a PC. I have tried both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Could I be the only person experiencing this issue?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    • Wow, that’s kind of strange, Greg! I haven’t seen this. Anyone else having print problems? (Note that we are still working on a true Print CSS to make printing the site look better. Should come this summer.)

      • FYI, I uploaded a sample PDF file with garbled text to Google+ and shared it with IndesignSecrets.

  24. I was looking for a way to delete a forum post, and happened to click on How to Find Things Here. It led to a page with only the head HOW TO FIND THINGS HERE, which was amusing but not terribly helpful. Oh, well, work in progress, obviously. I like the overall look and will be thrilled to get the old forum posts back.

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