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Adding to the cursor load

Here’s a little tidbit for CS3 that I just discovered.

Suppose you’ve used the new multiple images in a loaded cursor to add 7 images to your file.

And suppose you’ve just realized that you want to add 3 other images to the load.

CS3 lets you go back to the Place dialog box and add more images, even if you haven’t finished placing the original 7 images in the loaded cursor!!!

I discovered this by accident when I kept going back to load a certain image into my loaded cursor but was confused when the preview cursor still showed the old images.

When I started unloading the cursor, I didn’t understand why I had five or six of the same image.

It’s because I had gone to the Place dialog box that many times to load the cursor.

The ramifications of this new workload are huge. A designer might stop working page by page, and just get into a “Place Images” mode and fill all the graphic frames in a template.

Of course it gets even more cool when you realize that you can load any types of items to the loaded cursor. This means you can mix images with text files.

This freedom is too much for me to handle.

Sandee Cohen

Sandee Cohen

Sandee Cohen is the author of the InDesign CC 2014 Visual QuickStart Guide as well as the co-author, with Diane Burns, of Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CC.
Sandee Cohen

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5 Comments on “Adding to the cursor load

  1. My heart is pounding. I hope I have the patience to install it correctly.

    Can you guys hold off on all this cool stuff until we all have a chance to see and use it? Kind of like the previews of comming attractions.

  2. At least my copy is on order! There are just soooo many things in this that are going to make my life much easier (I like that) and more productive (the boss loves that)!

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