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Adobe InCopy CC 2015 June Update Released!

On Monday, Adobe announced updates to many of the Creative Cloud applications including Adobe InCopy. The update includes a number of welcomed features to improve productivity and overall efficiency when working in InCopy. Let me get the most obvious thing out of the way first. There’s not a typo in the title of this article. Although the release is in June of 2016, Adobe actually considers this to be an update to Creative Cloud 2015 (2015.4 to be exact). So your eyes are not deceiving you and when you look at the updates available in the Creative Cloud desktop application on your computer, they’ll be listed as updates to CC 2015.


What’s new?

For starters, one of the big complaints that I’ve heard from users of all Adobe applications, is how small all of the icons in the user interface have become. We can’t really blame Adobe for this, it’s really a by-product of increasing monitor size and resolution. As the size and resolution of a monitor increase, the interface size of applications decreases. Adobe heard your cries, and with this update has redesigned hundreds of panels, icons, and dialog boxes to make the interface easier on the eyes which should reduce the strain that many users have experienced after working in InCopy for long periods.



Two useful updates to working with glyphs have been added with this release. First, you can now search in the Glyphs panel for specific characters that you want to use. The filters at the top of the Glyphs panel have helped in the past, but sometimes it’s not obvious what category in which a particular glyph should be found. Now, you can search for glyphs by name to more quickly find the one that you’re looking for.


The other powerful glyph feature found in this update is the ability to display alternate glyphs for selected text. This is an OpenType feature and therefore will only work when using OpenType fonts, but when you select text that contains alternate glyphs for the selection, a blue indicator will appear below the selected character displaying all of the alternates for the selection. The number of glyphs displayed for the selection will vary based on the character and the font.



In many workflows, styles allow InCopy users to apply basic styles to text to ensure proper formatting and provides the side benefit of allowing the user to see how text content will look in its final form. Occasionally however, users may manually adjust text by applying tracking and other modifications that go beyond the definition of the style. In this update to InCopy, a new button has been added to the Character Styles and Paragraph Styles panels called the Style Override Highlighter that when enabled, highlights any text in a document that has been modified beyond the definition of the style. This is useful for both designers and editorial staff to quickly see any modifications that have been applied to text.



If your workflow requires that you apply color to content in InCopy, you may appreciate the ability to now sort the swatches within the Swatches panel by name and by color value. I’ve seen many documents that contain a lengthy list of swatches that can make it difficult to locate within the swatches panel. The ability to sort those swatches can help users to more quickly find the swatch that they’re looking for.


Last year I vented a bit in this post about features that were added to InDesign but didn’t get pushed to our beloved InCopy. I’m happy to see these features added in this release as well as some other powerful and useful features that will make working in InCopy that much more pleasurable.

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Author, and Consultant in the Philadelphia area and works with clients to improve their creative workflows using Adobe products. He's also the author of several courses on He specializes in PDF accessibility using Adobe InDesign and is a regular speaker at The InDesign Conference and PePcon.
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10 Comments on “Adobe InCopy CC 2015 June Update Released!

  1. It would be nice to see InCopy add the option to prevent manual formatting completely and require the editor to use only styles.

    Also, password-protected assignments would be handy (the password would be ignored if the file is opened in InDesign).

  2. What are you thinking Anita? A way to create/edit stories via an iPad? It’s an interesting request and one that you can’t help but to wonder if could be achieved via Creative Cloud. I could see the ability to create and edit stories via browser or iPad to be really useful. I don’t know how it would work rendering an InDesign layout but certainly working with stories could be useful.

  3. P.S.
    Proofreading is going to be one of my main activities in a future business, so I am looking for ways to simplify the process, especially if I’m on the road. So,an InCopy app for iPad appears to be a logical progression, as I’m lazy and don’t want to carry around a MBP. :)

    BTW, this is not my idea, even though I felt it was brilliant. However, one of the authors and a subscriber to InDesign Secrets came up with this! I’m just running with it.

  4. Chad,
    Are you by any chance going to record a video course: Adobe InCopy CC 2015 LBV for Peachpit/AdobePress?

    If so, could you please give me a heads up as to when it will be released?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  5. I can’t tell you exactly what problems you will experience Brenda, but I can tell you that it is never advised to use different versions of InDesign and InCopy in a LiveEdit workflow. Especially when you’re dealing with drastically different version numbers as you describe. At this point, CS6 is 4 major versions older than the current version of CC.

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