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Adobe InDesign Tech Support Notes

Here are some recent Adobe InDesign tech support documents you might find helpful:

David Blatner

David Blatner

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15 Comments on “Adobe InDesign Tech Support Notes

  1. type on the baseline grid not on the grid anymore when it’s put on pasteboard…! any ideas? is the solution in preferences…?

  2. Indesign Indexing Crash Solved
    If the Indexing palette is not functioning properly — in my case Update Preview was greyed out and clicking on Generate Index would crash Indesign — reset the Workspace. It fixes the problem. Prior to resetting the workspace I had tried everything — rebooting (cold and warm), scanning for viruses, and repairing the ID installation on my PC. Nothing worked (hours lost). Resetting the palettes was a simple but not obvious solution. Apparently setting the workspace loads the palettes afresh — you’d think restarting the program would do the same thing, but apparently not.

  3. Hi there.

    I?m working with some designers who uses indesign cs 2.04, and lately there are some of them who cant print cretin documents. If they make a new one no problem but if they open one of the “funny” ones it don?t work.
    This is driving our designers and me crazy. Is it possible to lock a document for print? Is It possible to do something to it (font,image,color,setting?)
    Anybody have the same problem?
    Could somebody please help me.

  4. InDesign crashes quite frequently when I click too fast to highlight another text box (a triple-click). Any ideas on this?

  5. Marlyn, we can try to answer your question here, or you can head over to, or call Adobe tech support.

  6. I have designed a book in Indesign. I printed a copy of it before and it was fine. Now it is oversize and the size of the page is huge. What did I do to change the format. Could you please HELP…….????
    Thanks in advance..

  7. anyone heard of a problem with CS2 and printing to a laserjet 5200? Here is the problem. When in “tile” mode and set to 70, sending to the printer, the first page comes out correct then any other pages after that will not come out the same, its a pixilation issue. I have been round and round with HP about this. On HP’s website the new firmware update shows one of the “fixes” to be “LJ5200/InDesign Print Presets not holding preferences from 2nd page and onward”. Did not help after the update. HP’s top tier level techs advise me to use the LJ 5100 printer drivers but that didn’t help either. Adobe says to update to CS4, why. I don’t want to spend that much. Can anyone help me. Last resort here. Thanks darren

  8. I cannot get a document in CS2 to open. It says that it is either open, or in use. It is never in use and I have permission. WHY???

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