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Announcing the InDesignSecrets Adobe Font Pack

Fonts are like voices, or like facial expressions: each one tells a story and expresses a unique emotion. That’s why the Adobe Fonts service is so important: The more fonts available at our fingertips, the better stories we can tell through graphic design.

Fontpack1In honor of InDesign’s 20th Anniversary, we’ve partnered with Adobe Fonts to build a special package of fonts that we think are awesome!

The fonts we’ve chosen for our “InDesignSecrets” pack are a collection of faces we’ve been using this year for our own marketing materials or on projects we’ve consulted on, along with fonts that we just love. Most of these font families have a wide range of weights, making them particularly useful when working on print or digital publishing projects.

  • Quatro: This often-overlooked sans serif is a modern wonder. Designed by Mark Caneso, from ps Type, the font is contemporary and forward thinking. Using light, book, and black weights together creates a beautiful high-contrast feel.
  • Voltage: Laura Worthington’s chiseled script face is a crazy yet utilitarian combination of calligraphy and cursive, as though it were written with a big Sharpie pen. It can’t help but be noticed, and comes with a lovely set of swashes and alternate characters.
  • Freight Text: There are a bazillion serif text faces out there, but Freight stands out as both legible and pretty. Designed by Joshua Darden, from Phil’s Fonts, Freight Text is one of those faces where you find yourself looking for excuses to use italic.
  • Museo Slab: It seems like designers are using Museo everywhere these days, but less common is Museo Slab—a wonderful rounded face that feels like a 21st century, gentle but firm slab. Designed by Jos Buivenga from exljbris, Museo Slab is extremely versatile.
  • Fira Mono: Every designer needs a good monospaced font for tabular data or typesetting code. One of our favorites is related to the beautiful Fira family, designed by the Edenspiekermann agency for Mozilla. This Open Source face presents the perfect juxtaposition of clear, simple, and modern.
  • Al Fresco: We can’t help but include one more script face designed by Laura Worthington, who is not only speaking at CreativePro Week this year, but also has an uncanny ability to combine the feeling of effortless penmanship with the precision of a master letterer. This face feels like springtime in letter form.

With your CC subscription, you can enable nine weights of these six fonts with a single click on this page.

David Blatner

David Blatner

David Blatner is the co-founder of the Creative Publishing Network, InDesign Magazine, and the author or co-author of 15 books, including Real World InDesign. His InDesign videos at are among the most watched InDesign training in the world. You can find more about David at
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7 Comments on “Announcing the InDesignSecrets Adobe Font Pack

  1. I’m logged in to my CC account and there’s not an option to click anything… it just says ‘Available with CC’…. so do I have to individually install them?

    • Turns out I was somehow in a free Adobe account with none of my CC subscription privileges. The way to tell this is from the circle icon… I changed my work account icon for quick reference.

  2. Wow, David, thank you for these! They’re slick and I’ll certainly be using them. I remember the old ATM days; what a throwback! I still miss having the ability, though, to see all fonts available for download. Trying to find potential fonts using the Adobe Fonts browser app is painfully slow and unwieldy. There is not even a way to create a sample printout of all fonts they offer and none of the third-party programs can do it either due to the license restrictions (except for fonts already installed on your system).

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