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Apple Mac OS X Publishing Techniques

For those of you using the Mac OS, take a quick peek at Apple’s new-ish Pro Techniques page at, which focuses on tutorials and tip for the creative professional. Although many of the tips there are for video and audio, they’ve begun to add some DTP tricks, too, such as this one about the Mac OS X Character Palette (sort of a “hidden” glyphs palette with some cool options that InDesign’s Glyphs palette doesn’t have), written by… um… well, me.

Apple doesn’t update the site very often (a couple of new tips each month), but it’s worth visiting every now and again to see what they’ve got.

[Update: Apple seems to have taken down that site… perhaps temporarily. Here it is at the Apple Canada site.]]

David Blatner

David Blatner

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2 Comments on “Apple Mac OS X Publishing Techniques

  1. Thanks, David, that’s one of my favorite Mac OS X tips. (Along with dragging the little window title bar icon to open or place a file in a program.

  2. Another unknown feature by publishers on Mac OS X is that they can create CMYK colors (and of course a pure Black cmyK) using the Color palette of Mac OS X and apply it in Pages (Keynote, Mail,…) documents, so they can be RIPed in a perfect CMYK workflow.

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