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David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción are the co-hosts of, publishers of InDesign Magazine, and producers of The InDesign Conference.


Tip of the Week: Better Drop Shadows

Tip of the Week: Show Your Options

Tip of the Week: Finding the ICC Color Profile Assigned to the Current Document

Treasures From the Vaults

Recosoft ships ID2Office 2018

Recosoft ships PDF2ID 2018

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Recosoft ships ID2Office v2.2

InDesign Nightmares

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PePcon Speaker Dossier: Kat Topaz, the Mobile Genius and the coolest Kat in town.

PePcon Speaker Dossier: Diane Burns, the Animations Super Star

PePcon Speaker Dossier: Colin Flashman, the Merger