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Bonus Features of Styles

Styles can do a whole lot more than just
provide consistent formatting.

Nobody buys a cell phone these days just to make calls. Of course we still use them for that purpose, but bundled up with that telephone is a whole lot of useful bonus features—surf the net, snap a pic, take a note, make an appointment, pay a bill, set an alarm—all this functionality is available to you just because you bought that phone.

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Melinda Grant

Melinda Grant

Melinda Grant has been sharing her know-how with software applications for over 20 years and developed a love of InDesign and all things Adobe in the late ‘90s. She has worked in education/training, publishing and broadcasting, sharing her knowledge freely. She’s based in Sydney, Australia but enjoys regular visits to the northern hemisphere to collaborate with other Adobe creatives.
Melinda Grant

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One Comment on “Bonus Features of Styles

  1. I had never heard of the running head until I saw this article yesterday – it is PERFECT for the long technical manuals I create! What a time-saver! Thank you so much.

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