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Calendar Wizard Script Upgraded

Regular readers may be familiar with a free script previously showcased here called Calendar Wizard by Scott Selberg. The script was last mentioned in this post, and it is certainly one of the must-have scripts to have for Adobe InDesign. A link can be found on our page of great free scripts that every InDesign user should have.

And now Calendar Wizard has been updated, and offers several enhancements over previous versions.

What’s new with Calendar Wizard

The ability to save and load settings

This is an enormous time-saver when you’re making several calendars, or if there were errors in your initial calendar. The script’s interface has many options, and keeping your previous options definitely saves time.

Two new varieties of calendars

Along with the usual type of calendar, Calendar Wizard can now generate two new designs:

  • List Calendar
  • Line Calendar

List Calendar

The list calendar has the dates arranged in a one or two column layout with room to write events that fall on particular dates.

Calendar Wizard list style

Line Calendar

The line calendar has the dates arranged in row/month configuration for “at a glance” reference.

Calendar Wizard line style

Enhanced customization options

Calendar Wizard now allows for more customization than the previously, including options such as:

  • Customized holidays
  • Customized page and margin sizes

The script also features an improved user guide, along with direct contacts for help, and how-tos for using the script.

While Calendar Wizard is still free for personal and non-profit use, commercial use requires a license. The cost is US$20 for a single user. Considering the complexity and flexibility of the script, that is an absolute bargain for what is arguably one of the most useful javascripts for Adobe InDesign.

Colin Flashman

Colin Flashman

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7 Comments on “Calendar Wizard Script Upgraded

  1. FYI, the scripts pointing to Tomaxxi’s site aren’t available there, appears the site is either defunct or parked.

  2. Hi there!

    I’ve downloaded this script and it is great! But there is one thing that bugs me…
    Is it possible to maken week numbers with Calendar Wizard Script? Right now it shows days by name and number, and we have to add the week numbers in Indesign by hand.

    If it’s not possible I would like to hear it as well.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. I downloaded the free script to try it out before purchasing. Can’t seem to find a weekly calendar option. Does that exist?

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