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Communicating with Charts

InDesign Magazine Issue 126 coverThis article appeared in Issue 126 of InDesign Magazine.

Build your charts, graphs, and data visualizations with these helpful tips and plug-ins.

Creating beautiful charts and graphs is one of the biggest challenges designers have when communicating data. It’s hard to make them informative, easy to read, and visually engaging—not just because they’re hard to design well, but also because it’s challenging to find the tools to do the job. So I’m going to offer you some useful tools, tips, and tricks to make your data deliver maximum impact, with less time spent creating these important graphic elements.

Now I have to warn you; I geek out over data visualization. Charts and graphs that are well designed draw me in when I am reading. I enjoy looking at the design and technical aspects of data and how it helps support the story visually. But even better, I get excited when I find tools that can help creative pros build charts and graphs faster and easier.

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  1. Good day we have a few difficulties in creating graphs in illustrator. Is it possible to chat about it