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Cool Pie Charts Script for InDesign: Claquos 2

Indiscripts fait quelques-unes des écritures du monde cool InDesign! And if my amazing ability to speak French doesn’t wow you (thank you, Google!) then this beta of a new script from M. Autret at Indiscripts will.

Some years ago, Claquos (which, I’m pretty sure translates as, “I bet I can write a script that will make you go ‘ooh!’ “) came out, enabling InDesign users to make very simple pie charts. I thought it was nifty, but today — oooh la la — the public beta of Claquos 2 arrved on the scene. The public beta is currently free, though I would assume that it will require a small fee when the final version comes out.

When you run the script, you get a dialog box offering a number of pie-chart features:

Then, when you click OK, the script builds a chart for you:

Yes, those are all InDesign objects, so you can recolor them, move them, edit them, and so on.


I don’t know about that “ring” look around the edge of the pie chart — is that a European thing? — but of course it is editable to the point of disappearing entirely.

Check out the script and let me know what you think. More importantly, let Marc know! Enjoy.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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23 Comments on “Cool Pie Charts Script for InDesign: Claquos 2

  1. Merci David! I’m really proud to see Claquos reviewed on InDesignSecrets.

    By the way, ?Claquos? means ?Camembert? in French slang ;-)

    Voilà tout!


  2. “Destroy the pattern” !?!? Does the “Explosion Factor” effect how well the pattern is destroyed?

    I’m guess’n something got lost in the translation. Still, their English is better than my French.

  3. Marc, it is a great script.

    David, choose “corner type”=none, and “ring size”=0 and you come up with a pie graph that is more along the lines of what we are used to.

    Am I correct that there is an 8 value limit for the pie? (or 8 slices)

    The first pie chart that I grabbed to try out had ten wedges. But it really is great. The interface is so much easier than ones I have tried to use in other programs. It is just so sensible!

  4. David,

    You failed to mention the coolest part of Marc’s script (for us geeks anyway)… ;-)

    Marc figured out how to make scrollable widgets in Script UI! If I’m not mistaken, Marc was the first one to come up with this.

    Before Marc came up with this, I would have told anyone who asked that a UI like this is simply not possible t do in a regular script…

  5. @Harbs: You are right. I meant to include that, but was distracted by my son’s trip to the dentist. Real life always gets in the way of the subtleties of the news.

    Both Marc and Martinho da Gloria have done some astonishing things, pushing script UI to their limits. (Martinho’s new MultiFindChange script also includes some widgets that I didn’t think were possible in a script UI.)

    It’s really true that the veil between scripts and plug-ins is getting thinner and thinner.

  6. I’m a fan of Marc scripts that I use professionally every day. After BookBarcode and Equalizer which I use for my book covers, Wordalizer on my blog, in beta version Claquos is truly amazing, I do not think one could achieve such an interface with “simple” script (!) . Have you looked at the rendering arcs …? It’s crazy …

  7. Yes, i need to test that one! And yes Claquos stands for Slang French Camenbert which is the jargon word used for piechart in French.

  8. @David:

    Martinho’s script uses Flex/Flash. It’s much easier to make complicated UIs in Flex than Script UI…

    Not to belittle Martinho’s work of course! ;)

    (I’m working on some pretty cool UIs in Flex myself…) :p

  9. Awesome!!!!! I hate moving to Illustrator for pie charts. This will be great!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!


  10. Help! I’d love to have this but haven’t been able to upgrade to CS5 yet. Is there still something available for CS3? I didn’t see any on Marc’s website…..


  11. Very cool. But what is the ‘Destroy the pattern’ option anyway? I can’t get it to un-gray. Maybe its name should be changed to ‘Just try to check me!’

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