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Crash Fixes Installer Released for CC 2018 (October Release)

Have you recently installed InDesign CC 2018 (a.k.a. InDesign 13.0) and are now experiencing application crashes? In an unusually speedy response to recent crash reports, Adobe InDesign engineers have posted a document detailing a bug fix for several crashing issues with InDesign CC 2018 (October Release). The page includes instructions to install fixes if Mac and Windows users are having any of these issues.

Issues addressed include the following:

  • [macOS only] When you use the Eyedropper tool in a table.
  • When you embed, relink, or work with linked assets with ICC Profile column enabled in the Links panel.
  • When you copy and paste text frame to other Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • When you place or move frames and images.
  • [Windows only] When you launch InDesign CC, you get the following error message stating that you do not have sufficient permissions.

Engineers are expecting to include these fixes in an update to InDesign through the Creative Cloud desktop app in a few weeks. But they wanted to get the fixes out now to provide immediate relief to users facing these issues.


Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Steve Werner is a trainer, consultant, and co-author (with David Blatner and Christopher Smith) of InDesign for QuarkXPress Users and Moving to InDesign. He has worked in the graphic arts industry for more than 20 years and was the training manager for ten years at Rapid Lasergraphics. He has taught computer graphics classes since 1988.
Steve Werner

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15 Comments on “Crash Fixes Installer Released for CC 2018 (October Release)

  1. While I am so grateful for the plethora of great tips, techniques and experts that are a part of websites like this one and others that Cover Adobe Products, I am incensed about the horribly bug filled 2018 (October) releases. From the Adobe Support Forums I have been on this past week I was glad to have avoided upgrading only because they exploded so quickly. The only one I did upgrade was Lightroom because I had been running an old version for quite a while. But even that had a glaring omission that required an update within days if release. As far as InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects, the problems are so widespread that most users have had to revert back to 2017 versions. Now before you “but-but” me, remember people are paying up to $50 a month for this! This Makes the Adobe MAX show I watched a joke because the presenters made it clear that these “vast improvements” to your workflow are available for use “right now.”
    How utterly disgusting and unacceptable these Apps performance should be communicated to Adobe. It is no wonder why many in Europe despise the Subscription model and choose to use excellent alternatives like those from Affinity & Quark who offer “Perpetual License” graphics software. I hope the Pros and Experts on here will exercise due diligence and make their voices heard at Adobe. Otherwise we’ll be waiting until March 2018 to use stable versions, only to be served with more pathetic releases and hoopla from Adobe MAX in October 2018.

    • I have to agree with Steve on this one. At least in terms of InDesign, the vast majority of users were/are not running into these bugs, and it’s quite impressive how quickly the InDesign team released a patch.

      See rule #2 in this article on CreativePro.

      I know the list of bugs above make it sound like the software was riddled with them, and I know that for the people who were posting on the forums it was a big problem, most people have been using CC 2018 without problem.

  2. So you think that Affinity and QuarkXPress won’t have bugs in their products too? Dream on. There were bugs in software when people bought software in boxes, or when they have a subscription. Adobe products are among the deepest and most complex software being sold out there, and it’s impossible to clear out all bugs before release.

    “Most users have had to revert back to 2017 versions.” Simply not true. I’ll speak for InDesign because that’s what I’ve been following. Yes, there are some bugs in the release, there always are. But most of them are relatively narrow issues that don’t affect so many people. The great majority of InDesign users are NOT running into these issues.

    But this year the InDesign engineers have fixes for some of the worst issue faster than I’ve seen for a long time. Visit the Adobe InDesign forum. They have several engineers who have been on the forums since the release taking down information and working on fixes. An update has been promised within a few weeks.

    And for the users who are complaining that’s it’s messing up their workflow, if you’re in the middle of a critical project, you don’t apply updates for that product: It’s just common sense.

    • As an Adobe CC Support and Training Provider since 1998 AS WELL AS an Adobe official beta tester for Acrobat Pro when PDFs were to become the standard for sending to Agfa RIPs I know all about bugs.. but when 270 people cannot even install the dam APP then I have no choice but to recommend going back to 2017. I work for people sending Massive files to Rips with Dozens of Pages.. graphics and fonts and Multiple folds on press. So I have to see it not from some Forum but from Live and in Real Production points of view.

  3. Has anyone had the issue of all of your paragraph styles disappearing from the paragraph styles window? I can see them sometimes in quick apply but thats not really helpful. If I open the same file on another computer all of the styles are there. please help!

  4. However…. not being able to export a high res pdf … I went back to 2017. Same preset, same file and hi res images, low resolution pixelated pdf.

  5. Installed the latest Adobe CC updates, and inDesign is crashing at startup. The Bug Fix hasn’t worked, and I’m wondering if any other solutions are out there. Using a PC, all other CC programs seem to be working. On deadline for several projects and desperate for a fix.

  6. Seems to happen a lot when writing a PDF. I can expect InDesign to crash at least once when sending out a hi-res multi page PDF. Very annoying. I’ve done the “reset prefs” fix (and lost all my templates), but to no avail.

  7. I have to take back some of my previous harshness towards Adobe. I just went ahead with the 2018 updates for
    Photoshop & Illustrator since these were fixed quickly. They are both FANTASTIC and now very stable, a delight to dive into without fear. I hope to see fixes for Premiere soon as well before I move to 2018 version. As for InDesign.. well looks like last priority looms for all of us. Fine with me.. little money and high production cost in that realm anyways. Content for mobile will continue to beat up on print for a long winter’s night.

  8. “” was a dud. Now I have to wait for 24-48 hours for Adobe Support. Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow meaning I’m not in the office, so this looks like it won’t be resolved for 5-6 more days. My last High Sierra and CC2018 issue was with Adobe Acrobat Pro. That took almost a month of back and forth with Adobe and Apple. Nice people at the support groups but nice support doesn’t necessarily put food on my table. I’ve been doing this digitally since 92

  9. I’m also experiencing instant crash on placing Word docs. using cc2018.
    This is REALLY problematic as I’m a book designer on a tight deadline.

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