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Creating a Cookbook with InDesign

This article appeared in Issue 73 of InDesign Magazine.

In cookbook production, InDesign’s long-document features are the not-so-secret ingredient for success.

Humans have always had an infatuation with cookbooks. Almost as far back as the invention of the printed word, you’ll find cookbooks in all their sticky, stained, and dog-eared glory. My parents and grandparents have stacks of cookbooks containing pages with folded corners marking their favorite recipes for easy access the next time they want to make that particular dish.

In this InStep, we’ll detail the process of creating a cookbook.

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Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Author, and Consultant in the Philadelphia area and works with clients to improve their creative workflows using Adobe products. He's also the author of several courses on He specializes in PDF accessibility using Adobe InDesign and is a regular speaker at The InDesign Conference and PePcon.
Chad Chelius

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4 Comments on “Creating a Cookbook with InDesign

  1. When I’m teaching InDesign one-on-one, I use a cookbook to teach it, since I can show all the major parts of InDesign when laying it out and can usually get through it in one day.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Herb! I’ll add a note in the article too, since not everyone reads the comments.

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