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CreativePro Week Conference Speaker Spotlight: Chad Chelius, the Walking Encyclopedia for EPUBs

Welcome to our Speaker Spotlight series, designed to highlight some of our CreativePro Week 2017 Conference speakers, which will be in Atlanta, Georgia, May 22–26. We’ve assembled a dream team roster of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator gurus, and thought you’d like to get to know what makes them tick, why they’re passionate about what they do, and what you can expect to learn from them at the conference.

The Chad Chelius File

Chad_Chelius_250pxGeek Cred: Chad Chelius is the walking encyclopedia on EPUBs. If you have a question about ebooks, reflowable, fixed-layouts, or EPUBs, Chad’s the man to provide you with the best answer.

AKA: Chadwick, Chadster, Chadzilla.

You Can Call Him: Chad!

Hails From: Reading, Pennsylvania and to this day remains a Greater Philadelphia Native.

Hang outs: At industry conferences, relaxing while completely absorbed in a J. R. R. Tolkien novel, roaming the hills of Pennsylvania on his bike, hiking through the beautiful forest preserves with the kids and Captain (the family’s big black furry lab) or shopping at the local chainsaw store — yeah, you heard that right, Pennsylvania has stores dedicated solely to chain saws.

Short Bio: Adobe Certified Expert & Instructor, Husband, Proud Father of Two, Speaker, Author, Avid InDesign User, Consultant, Former Bike Racer and Crunchy Peanut Butter Fanatic.

Meet the EPUB Walking Encyclopedia, Chad Chelius

First Job: Technically, the first job was the neighborhood paper boy. “Real job“ landed right out of college was as a pre-press specialist.

First computer: Apple Performa 6100

Lefty or righty: Righty.

Geeky or Nerd: Probably Geeky. Definitely Geeky!

Favorite subjects in school: Gym.

Elvis or the Beatles: Beatles.

Coffee is…amazing!

At 6:00 a.m. I am usually: making coffee!

Amazing talent: Can walk on his hands.

Current projects: Chad is in the midst of prepping for CreativePro Week 2017 (his forth time speaking!) and gearing up to record two courses this summer.

His CreativePro Week 2017 Sessions: Chad will be leading a half-day conference workshop on (what else?)Automating InDesign with Simple Tools You Already Have, perfect for anyone who would like to be more efficient and more productive in InDesign. He’s also be covering Editorial Workflows: InCopyCleaning up Broken and Problem Layouts, and Super Styling: Automatic formatting with Nested, Line, and GREP Styles.

An InDesign tip from Chad:

Creating Accessible PDF files from InDesign: Images and graphics by default have no value when read using screen reading software. Aside from the screen reader defining the graphic as an “image” there is no additional information to be read. Adding alternative text can provide a description to graphics and images that provide the reader with a context for the image. In addition this is a requirement of Section 508, PDF U/A, and WCAG.

Alternative text can be added to images and graphics in InDesign CS 5.5 and above by selecting the image or graphic and choosing Object > Object Export Options. In the Alt Text section of this dialog box, alternative text can be added manually or by extracting metadata from the placed image.


Additionally, if an image has no important value, you can apply the Artifact tag to exclude the image from being read by a screen reading device. This is also accomplished in the Object Export Options dialog box by clicking on the Tagged PDF button at the top of the dialog box.

What attendees have to say about Chad’s conference sessions:

“Chad is an excellent teacher. He was extremely patient and answered any and all questions and didn’t look down his nose at newbies. Following along with his instruction allowed me to type out a little code for the first time and create both the basic html and a style sheet. He also mentioned the importance of accessibility and brought up a lot of good topics that I want to bring back to my agency!” ~ PePcon 2015 attendee

“I’m a print designer and was so afraid that I would be lost in the HTML/CSS Bootcamp. Was pleasantly surprised that Chad started the presentation with <html> and moved forward from there. He’s an amazing instructor who is able to disseminate technical information like coding for HTML and CSS and make it understandable for novices like myself. Thank you so much for having him present this session! I’m totally ready to conquer web design now!” ~ PePcon 2015 attendee

Social Profiles: Twitter @chadchelius Facebook: Chelius Graphic Services
Linkedin: Chad Chelius

Register today for the CreativePro Week 2017 Conference! Four conferences back-to-back: The PS/AI: The Conference for Photoshop and Illustrator Users, The InDesign Conference, PePcon: The Print and ePublishing Conference, and the Creative Developers Summit.

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We’ll see you in beautiful Atlanta, May 22–26, 2017.

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