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CS3 Updates Available from Adobe

CS3 users, are you up to date with the latest version of InCopy and InDesign? Look at your About screen (choose About InCopy or About InDesign from the program menus) to see the version. If it says “5.0” with no extra numbers then you’re out of date.

Adobe released an update, 5.0.1 (CS3 = version 5) in the middle of October for both programs on both platforms. The InCopy update fixes “key issues” with text and fonts, dictionaries, and other things. To see exactly what’s fixed in InCopy; you can download the PDF:

Adobe InCopy CS3 5.01 Read Me

InCopy, like all the Adobe software, is set by default to periodically check the Adobe web site for updates, and to alert you if one exists. It uses the little utility program, Adobe Updater (installed along with the main programs) to do the checking. Updater will reveal itself if it finds any updates and offers to download and install them. At this point you can tell it to go away without doing anything; or to download them but don’t install them. To invoke the Adobe Updater on your own, just chose the menu item “Updates…” from the Help menu.

If you don’t have admin access to your computer then you probably can’t install updates. In that case, have your IT people log on as an admin, then start up InCopy or InDesign and choose Updates to kick start the Adobe Updater. Or, you can download and install updates manually from Adobe’s web site:

Adobe – Latest Product Updates

It’s critical in an InDesign/InCopy workflow for everyone to be using the same version, especially if you’re encountering problems. (When clients contact me to troubleshoot something, it’s the first question I ask — “What version is everyone using?”.) So design and editorial should coordinate with each other to make sure everyone has downloaded and installed the patch to both InDesign CS3 and InCopy CS3.

I don’t mean to scare anyone; if some users are on 5.0 and others are on 5.0.1, everything will still work. It’s just that things will work better if everyone is at the same patch level. And, of course, you may be struggling with some issues that the patch fixes!

Anne-Marie Concepcion

Anne-Marie Concepcion

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    Automatsko azuriranje mog legalnog CS3 paketa prestalo je 30.08.2011. Molim Vas da mi pomognete da nastavim automatsko azuriranje.
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