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CS5 Now Shipping

Adobe announced InDesign (and creative suite) CS5 on April 12, and speculation immediately went wild about when the new version would ship. You can stop wondering: It shipped last night!

CS5 is now available from the Adobe Store, and they’re going to start sending out upgrades. Find all current special offers on Adobe products. Let us know when you get your upgrade!

Even more surprising: Adobe has trial versions of CS5 already available!

Less surprising, but very pleasant indeed: my InDesign CS5 Essential Training title is now live at, too. Or, if you’re already pretty proficient with InDesign CS4, check out Anne-Marie’s InDesign CS5 New Features video.


David Blatner

David Blatner

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47 Comments on “CS5 Now Shipping

  1. I also just noticed (and am downloading) a new version of InDesign CS4 (6.0.5). As usual, this is the version that needs to be used to read files that are saved backward from the new version released today?InDesign CS5.

  2. The Student and Teacher Editions are here too. :)

    With CS4 English it took a month to get all three out – Commercial, Trials, and Education, and now with CS5 they were all out within minutes of each other last night.

  3. Well I installed the International English – all the dictionaries set to English UK – awesome. But the colour profiles were still set to US Web Coated – sigh.

    But luckily my custom colour profile I set up for CS3 was still available.

  4. Ok, so I made some object states. Exported them to SWF, then I imported those in situ of what was before. I get “f” logo in place now. I export to PDF, Acrobat 7 doesn’t support it. Acrobat 8 doesn’t. Acrobat 9 I had to download. I downloaded it and it had to reboot my computer twice to finish the update.

    Anyway, the SWF in the PDF works, wahoo! But you need reader 9, apparently… would that be right?

  5. @Eugene: Correct, you need Adobe Reader 9 or Acrobat 9 or higher. That was the first version that included an embedded Flash Player for playing back rich media content (.SWF, .FLV, .F4V, .MP3).

    Also, the generic “f” logo is the standard poster image for a placed SWF. If your SWFs are heading to PDF, I recommend you either choose a poster image via the new Media panel, or set the poster to “None”.

  6. Okay, so I followed Steve Werner’s suggestion and downloaded the 6.0.5 upgrade. But now suddenly my Paragraph Style Options has weirdly morphed into a variation of the Character Style Options box except that General is at the bottom instead of the top and all the other options usually associated with Paragraph style options (you know, like Indents and Spacing, Tabs, Paragraph Rules, Keep Options, and so forth) are just gone.

    Any ideas? I’m running on Windows XP Pro, and it was working fine before I upgraded.

  7. @Michael – very nice.

    I’m just playing with it at the moment figuring out how it all works. I’ve no real project to work with yet. Already have a useful tip. Thanks

    Is there anyway to make “From Current Image” the default” . There seems to be no Import Options either?

    I notice there is no “SWF” in the import options, if anyone is confused you’ll find that MEDIA is the option you’re looking for. When you are in the Media Panel there is a handy button that allows you import Media, and that is the only file type available from there.

  8. Also – should not have installed this today – what a day to release the trials – a Friday and a long weekend.

    Should have thought about this first.

  9. @Eugene

    I’ve got it installed on Windows XP SP3 and Mini Bridge is working fine, which is a nice change because it wouldn’t work at all on any of my systems in the InDesign CS5 betas.

    Let’s see if I can help fix it.

    When you say it isn’t working for you, what, exactly, is happening? Does the panel come up when you open it from Window > Mini Bridge? What do you see there?

    Did you have any of the betas installed? If so, you may need to run the CS5 cleanup utility and then reinstall CS5 try & die.

    Let me know if you want to continue the troubleshooting via e-mail (I can access your e-mail address from your comments, so no need to post it publicly).

  10. Well the Panel comes up blank – but I didn’t have Bridge open. I did open Bridge and it was working. So I closed it and the panel still wasn’t working.

    So basically I need Bridge running in the background for mini – bridge to work?

  11. Thanks Pariah and David. I won’t have access to the computer again until Tuesday. I’ll look at it again. The panel just came up with a black background. The Sub Menu only had two items in it “Settings” and something else. Which did nothing.

  12. @Eugene

    Yes, Bridge must be running in the background. After installing CS5 Bridge will add itself as an auto-start application so that it’s always available. Have you rebooted since installing CS5?

  13. Installed Mastersuite and all the programs exept Indesign works fine. Indesign just quit when trying to start up. I have tried to reinstall, but the same thing happen. I use mac, leopard, the newest version.

  14. I didn’t set the option for Bridge to load at the start up, I wasn’t aware that was necessary, or to have Bridge running for Mini Bridge to work.

  15. @Phil and Njaal: I would suggest rebuilding the preferences when you start up (hold down all the modifier keys until you see the dialog box asking if you want to rebuild prefs).

  16. I actually had never rebuilt preferences before, and this morning when I tried it it never actually started the program. But this afternoon I went to the real program icon and not the desktop icon and that allowed me to trash the bad preferences. Fortunately, I had used Blatner Tools Remember the other day so I was able to restore everything quickly, and that all seems to have resolved my problem. So thanks, everyone.

  17. I just downloaded InDesign CS5. We have font problems…. CS5, unlike CS4, will not recognize Open Type Face “Arial Narrow” by itself, allowing all font types (regular, italic, italic bold, etc) to be accessed within this family. Instead, it lumps “Narrow” as just another font type, being another option lumped together along with “regular,” “italic.” etc. As I bring up CS4 files, I am alerted to having missing fonts, or fonts not available, when of course, the fonts work with all my other software, including CS2 Photoshop and InDesign. Only CS5 objects. Somehow CS5 is not accesssing these fonts, and likely more that I have yet to discover, and thus not allowing them to be used…. We need help on this immediately. I am surprised that such a problem was not vetted earlier…… Quality control seems to be slipping at Adobe…

  18. In other words, I cannot select Open Type Face Arial Narrow — bold italic, or Arial Narrow –regular, or Arial Narrow — italic, etc, whereas in CS4 I could. I can select “Arial Narrow” only, with the option of further differentiation or without further modification…

  19. Greater examination reveals that CS4 InDesign and other CS2 programs all recognize FOUR Arial Typefaces, all Open face, including Arial, Arial-Black, Arial-Narrow, and Arial ROunded MT Bold.

    Oddly, my CS5 InDesign recognizes only THREE Arial typefaces: Open Face Arial, True Type Arial-black, and Open Type Face Arial Ronded MT Bold.

    CS5 was downloaded and installed just yesterday and is being used as a “trial.” Could this quirk have something to do with the fact that this CS5 is still in “Trial Mode”…. yet, I thought this would still a fully functioning version????

  20. @Gregory

    My Windows installations of InDesign CS4 and CS5 all show Arial Narrow as a style of Arial, not a font on its own. Your point is valid, of course, Arial Narrow is a completely different font family than Arial; I’m not arguing that. But, since the problem happens with different versions of InD on different platforms, I wonder if it’s a font version issue rather than strictly an InDesign version issue. I wonder if the internal or PostScript name for the ARial Narrow family changed between versions, and now InDesign is seeing them differently.

  21. I’m glad to see that some CS4 settings and features are usable in CS5:

    (1) is possible to change the language UI in Windows just editing a line in the Registry ? exactly as in CS4;

    (2) is possible to re-use workspaces, document formats, PDF styles and print styles defined in CS4;

    (3) my libraries are working in both versions without problem;

    (4) swatches libraries (*.ase files) are the same.

    There are conflicts with keyboard shortcuts and color settings. Color settings were corrected simply saving my standards with a new name. But the set of keyboard shortcuts need to be recreated (ID CS% says there are unrecognized characters in the CS4 file).

    Anyway, this is a very small rework to get the same settings and features working exactly as in CS4.

    I also noted that files exported as IDML from CS5 are open without problems in ID CS4 (version 6.0.4). Very nice.

  22. IDCS5 is a nice looking app and I can’t wait to experiment!

    One experiment I have already tried is this: as before in IDCS4, if you add an empty folder with the name ‘noallcaps’ to your IDCS5 application folder, you’ll no longer have all caps for the panel names. Now, I would have thought this is a simple one to fix or at least give us as an option, but apparently it was not at the top of the list.

    PS. Does NOT work for Illustrator or PhotoShop.

  23. Rebuilding preferences.

    Thanks David for the tip, but its not doing the job. Indesign will not start.
    I have done “everything”. Uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled just Indesign, but the same thing happen:
    It quits when it somcs to the message “Starts up registery”.

    I am not impressed by Adobe so far. For me, so far, this suite is just a mess. I will not recommend it.


  24. Steve W: Where are you finding CS4 (6.0.5) update? When I go to the Adobe site, the newest update is 6.0.4. Did a refresh of the page and still 6.0.4 for Mac and Windows.

  25. David, I bought your and Olav Martin Kvern’s excellent, very recently published Real World InDesign CS4 and hope you are getting out a ‘quick change’ sheet with any notes needed for CS5.

  26. My copy should ship in 4 days, meaning a week from now I’ll (hopefully) be able to install the upgrade.
    I’m still surprised Adobe charges more for a download than a boxed copy. Not a big deal though, I prefer a box, and boxes mean multiple shopping options.

  27. Since I have been in such a terrible mood lately regarding te installation of cs5, Indesign, I am happy to announce:
    Indesign finally works.

    I got nice help from Adobe support; different kind of solutions to try.
    The easiest (seemed to me at least) worked:
    I created a different useraccount.
    I also installed the suite on a second machine, and here it also worked right from the start.
    Case solved ? almost. I still wonder why its not working in the original account.

  28. At the Adobe Roadshow in Sydney, they were trying to get the audience to yell out any possible new tool or feature in InDesign CS5.

    I yelled out: “The Gap Tool” and won an Adobe Rubiks Cube… Thanks for the head-ups David and Lisa-Marie!



  29. Rocky,

    I haven’t checked the Adobe website. I just ran the Adobe Updater and it showed up.

  30. Got hold of some CS5 trials today, and began some testing on my Win7 X64 desktop — exciting! But it turns out a bunch of my ID CS4 files ALL cause ID CS5 to crash! Not good. The auto-save/recover crap feature (which I’d want to PERMANENTLY TURN OFF!!!) doesn’t work, either, it just causes new crashes.

    So, after many crashes, I finally I exported one of them from ID CS4 as an .IDML file — and then it opened fine in CS5. But I’d hate to have to do this with two dozen files — and an unknown number of other legacy files, which might also turn out to be crashers. Ideally, Adobe should receive a few of my problem files and debug the hell out of this, and then issue a patch ASAP. Ideally. Doable?

    That aside, CS5 looks quite promising!

  31. and various other e-tailers I checked haven’t gotten any CS5 shipments yet. In fact, several state they don’t expect any outgoing shipments until the 31st of this month.
    I’ll give ordering directly from Adobe a go, but if I don’t get my upgrade by Thursday, I’ll cancel my order and wait a few weeks or months instead.

  32. Edit on my last post: my upgrade’s in a UPS truck heading from Germany to me. Hooray! The only down side: I’ll now have to spend the entire (free) Saturday at work to accept it, or wait until Monday and then I (probably) won’t have time to install and play with everything…

  33. I’m lucky enough to be starting from scratch creating a Crown Quarto-sized book in InDesign and then exporting via PDF to print, probably at Lulu. Do you know if there would be any advantage in me upgrading from CS3 to CS5 before starting ?
    e.g. are there any Lulu templates built-in to CS5 ?

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