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Customizing the Control Panel

After the introduction of the Properties Panel in InDesign CC 2019 we have another context sensitive panel that shows many functions and options depending on which objects the user selects. So this might be a good time to free up some space in the good old Control Panel. In the top right corner just below the Search Field you will find a “cog wheel” that lets you access the customization of the Control Panel. It shows 6 categories:
  1. Object
  2. Character
  3. Paragraph
  4. Tables
  5. Spread
  6. Other
In every category you can choose from many options and tools that are shown or hidden in the Control Panel. Just tick or untick a box and you will can customized the Control Panel to your needs.
options for customizing the Control panel in InDesign
Rene Andritsch

Rene Andritsch

René Andritsch is a graphic designer and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign from Vienna, Austria. Besides working in the field of editorial design he also teaches efficiency techniques for InDesign users.
Rene Andritsch

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4 Comments on “Customizing the Control Panel

  1. Hi Rene, I am trying to work with a cog wheel to customize my control panel. To be more specific I need to place “bullets” icon on my workspace. I have it ticked in the cog wheel paragraph options , but it does not show up on the control panel. I tried to tick off some of tools I dont need to get some additional space on the right upper panel of my screen, but it did not work and I just cannot see any system in it. Could you help?

    • Hi Lucie! The Control Panel is also context sensitive, which means that if you have the Selection Tool activated the bullets will not show. Try to switch to the Text Tool, then the Bullets and Numbering icons should be visible.

      I always deactivate the Character Scaling to make more room in the character section. Let me know it that worked.

      All the best, René

  2. Thanks,
    I’ve noticed that some of the control palettes e.g. character, paragraph and table cannot be resized? Is that a feature or a bug?

    • Lars, panels like the Character Panel take up as much space as they need. Some of those panels have options that can be shown or hidden. That is the only way to make them smaller if they take up to much space for you. You find that in the menu of the respective panel at the top.

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