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Digital Asset Management for InDesign Users

This article appeared in Issue 109 of InDesign Magazine.

What is Digital Asset Management…and Do You Need It?

by Theresa Regli

As a designer or layout artist, you’ve seen—and likely created—digital media of all kinds, taking part in an evolution whereby digital media has become an increasingly significant part of our everyday lives. Every day, we consume and interact with photos, audio files, video clips, animations, games, interactive ads, streaming movies, and even experiential marketing, which has gained increasing prominence with the rise of VR and AR.

This digital media boom is driven by a combination of trends and innovations: inexpensive, highly functional digital still and video cameras (by themselves or as part of mobile devices); increased network bandwidth; decreased storage costs; low-cost, high-performance processors; high-capacity, solid-state memory; affordable cloud services; and the requisite digital media infrastructure.

Yet, navigating all this digital media creates challenges for consumers and enterprises alike. From your standpoint as a designer, finding and navigating through all the elements to create increasingly complex digital media experiences can be a source of daily job frustration.

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