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How to Download CS6 When You have a CC Subscription

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) subscription, you can still get the CS6 versions of most of the apps, including InDesign. Sometimes you need an older version! But Adobe currently doesn’t make it obvious how to find the CS6 apps. So here’s a quick lesson in where they’re hiding. (Note that the Adobe site changes periodically, so it may be different in the future.)

First, don’t look in the Creative Cloud menu or task bar icon. Instead, head over to and log in with your Adobe ID. Next, navigate to the Download Center in the nav bar at the top, and click the app that you’re trying to download:

download cs6 apps

Next, in the “In this Version” area (you may have to scroll down the page to find it), you’ll see a little pop-up menu that lets you choose which version you want! When you choose CS6, you’ll see the Download button at the top of the page change, too.

switch to cs6

When you click Download, the Creative Cloud app on your computer will jump into action, downloading and installing the app for you. From then on, it will show up in the Creative Cloud app (that is, in the menu on Mac or the taskbar icon in Windows), and you can manage it from there.


When you’re done with that app, you can uninstall it, but once again Adobe doesn’t make it easy. To uninstall an app, you have to find an run an application on your computer. 

  • On the Mac, open this folder: /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers — then find the app in there that will uninstall the program you want.
  • On Windows, run Control Panel > Programs and Features — then choose the program you want to uninstall and click Uninstall/Change.

I am really, really hoping that someday we will be able to install and uninstall all versions from the CC app. But until that day, I hope this tutorial helps.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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20 Comments on “How to Download CS6 When You have a CC Subscription

  1. The latest version of the Creative Cloud app (the app that adds the task bar icon), version, adds the ability to click on “Filters & Versions” in the “Find New Apps” section, and choose “Previous Version” as a filter. The CC app will then show you all old versions that you are entitled to install. This is brand-new, and wasn’t available when David wrote his original post.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I am currently a subscribed CC user. Can I download CS6 and use it when my subscription runs out?

    • Stephen: For example, if your company is still working with CS6 and they don’t want to use CC for some reason (many companies take a long time to upgrade to new versions due to training, compliance, I.T., etc.)…

  3. We have a non CC subscription version of CS6 installed along with CC versions, how do we update CS6 without using CreativeCloudapp?

  4. I cancelled my CC subscription and can no longer use CS6 without it on any of my computers. I get a page to link to subscription – then have to trial or buy. It was cut off in the middle of a job! so had to register for ‘trial’ just to get job finished. Do you know of a way that I can circumvent the CC subscription and use my CS6?

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