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Endnote and Footnote Improvements in InDesign CC 2019

InDesign Magazine issue 117This article appeared in Issue 117 of InDesign Magazine.

Problematic when first introduced, this feature is starting to improve. Publishers, rejoice!

InDesign CC 2018 introduced a new endnotes feature to go along with its long-standing footnotes feature. While far from perfect, it was a good start for a feature that had been sadly lacking for far too long. In my review of the endnotes feature in issue #105, I lamented some of its shortcomings. For example, endnotes could be deleted without a warning, endnote text couldn’t be added while in the Story Editor, and InCopy didn’t support endnotes. Adobe addressed these issues with the InDesign CC 2018.1 update, which you can read about in issue #108.

However, now, with the release of InDesign CC 2019, Adobe has continued to fine-tune InDesign’s endnote and footnote features with a couple of welcome improvements.

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Jamie McKee

Jamie McKee

Jamie McKee is a book designer and typesetter for university presses throughout the US and England, specializing in moving text from Microsoft Word to InDesign. More information about him can be found at .
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2 Comments on “Endnote and Footnote Improvements in InDesign CC 2019

  1. hi, a question how do you get footnotes to start over at a new chapter? If you have a long document you would like to have the final notes that they start over from one in a new chapter.
    Stands restart at every new article, but how should I mark in the text how the endnotes should start over.
    With footnotes I have no problem.

    Best regards

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