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Favorite Typography Sites

metaltypeType is fun. Virtually everyone who uses InDesign also uses type. So, even though this doesn’t relate directly to InDesign, it probably relates to you. One of our favorite vices is looking at type. While we can’t say we spend nearly as much time exploring fonts and typography as we’d like to, we just wanted to share a couple of our favorite type sites, plus a bunch of sites that we look at sometimes, plus some that we just found while researching this… all with the idea that y’all could chime in and share some of your favorites (or you can comment on the ones listed here).

Note that we’re focusing on sites about type, not where to buy fonts. We all know there are loads of places to buy fonts, but let’s look at where to get the inside story on them.

What do you think? Where do you like to go for your font/type fix?

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15 Comments on “Favorite Typography Sites

  1. You hit some of the best places on the Web for learning about type (most notably, but here are some more fantastic sites/blogs, grouped accordingly:

    Type Designers:

    * Hoefler & Frere-Jones have a fantastic new blog on their fonts, as well as typography in general.

    * Erik Spiekermann, designer of FF Meta and other types, has committed to updating his blog often.

    * Others to watch are Christian Robertson’s Betatype and Mark Simonson’s Notebook (check out his articles on “The Scourge of Arial).

    * Paul D. Hunt and Dan Reynolds are currently blogging about their work in the MA Type Design program at Reading, and if you read Spanish, check out Ramiro Espinoza, Juan Pablo de Gregorio; some English translations here; Gabriel Garcia Meave (some articles in English), and Alejandro lo Celso (also partly in English).

    Type News:

    * Microsoft Typography
    * Type for You
    * should keep you up to date on what’s happening in the type world.

    Get more perspectives from

    * Extensis
    * P22
    * Stephen Coles (FontShop)
    * Yves Peters (FontShop)
    * Roger Black
    * James Mosley

  2. Personally I’m new to typography, but find myself moving faster & faster towards it & all the advantages: design & just plain workflow wise. Thanks for sharing the websites & passion for typography…

  3. Thanks, Anne-Marie & David, for this posting. Through it, I discovered John Berry?s articles at, of which I have now read a handful. They’re all great nuggets of typographical analysis and advice — of which I plan to read plenty more.

    I second Mike’s recommendation of Bringhurst’s book — it is a superb “bible”.

    I’m sure you’re all worried about what to give me for Xmas this year. I suggest you pool your resources and spring for the Adobe Font Folio 11 CD, which contains all of Adobe’s great fonts in OpenType format — see It’s a great bargain, at a mere $2,600, and I will be very grateful to receive it. :-)

  4. Thank you for the suggestion, Klaus. We gave a way a free 10-pack of the Font Folio at the last Creative Suite Conference in Chicago. It was a wonderful grand prize, courtesy of Adobe Systems. The person who won was stunned… never won anything before, much less anything as cool as this $5K box!

  5. Re: “Helvetica”…Netflix is already distributing the DVD (they appear to have purchased the DVD rights under a subsidiary called “Red Envelope”). My spouse, who likes type but is not a fan, glanced at the first few scenes and then was drawn in. It’s a personality-driven film, but the personalities are mostly people whose names are familiar to us. Her comment afterwards: “All of those typefaces were Helvetica?!”

    I recommend this as another way to indulge that guilty pleasure when you have a spare 90 minutes.

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