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Got a Feature Request? Speak Up at the InDesign UserVoice Page

In software development, as in politics and other walks of life, silence is consent. Or, if you prefer the original Latin, qui tacet consentire videtur.

In other words, the squeaky wheel get the grease. If you don’t speak up, it is assumed you’re cool with things the way they are.

When it comes to feature requests, Adobe has made it quite simple to speak up, with its InDesign UserVoice page. There, you can post your ideas for new features (or enhancements of existing features), as well as report bugs and vote on the ideas that other folks post.

InDesign UserVoice

If you post something, it’s guaranteed to be seen by the InDesign team, and you might get a direct response. So what are you waiting for? Let ’em know what you think, and what you want in future versions of InDesign.

Use InCopy or InDesign Server? You can make feature requests for those programs too at the InDesign UserVoice page. There are also UserVoice pages for IllustratorAdobe XD, and Project Felix (a 3D graphics application now in beta).

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12 Comments on “Got a Feature Request? Speak Up at the InDesign UserVoice Page

  1. How can we improve InDesign?
    How about less crashes… mine freezes or quits ate least once a day if not more.

    Why is that valuable to me?
    You kidding?


    • If you’re crashing once a day, there’s a reasonable chance that something is going on beyond just InDesign. Could be a plug-in you’re using, or something system related (fonts, or something else in your OS), or a corrupted document, or a wide variety of other potential problems. But in general, ID shouldn’t (by itself) crash that often. That said, there have been some issues over time with certain features; for example, some people had problems with QuickApply, and many of those people got relief from this patch:

      Adobe does fix things on a regular basis, sometimes with patches like that, and sometimes with new versions.

  2. What’s cool about UserVoice (the service Adobe is using) is that you can see what other people requested for a feature (or entered as a bug) and you can vote it up! You can also add a comment to a feature or bug.

    See the list of features people have requested:

    See the list of bugs people have reported:

  3. As a beta tester for Adobe, I can tell you they really value the feedback that tells them not just what feature you want, but why. Why is that feature important to you? How will it help you, or make your work easier? How do you imagine it working? That will go much farther than simply saying “Add feature xxx!”

    • That’s strange… note that sometimes it’s hard to find things again. What was one of the feature requests you posted?

  4. I would like to see all Adobe products become more metric friendly. By that I mean when one has measurements set to metric that we don’t get this conversion to Imperial. Why would the program default to say 25.4 or 12.7.

    Sure it is easy to make the change I just don’t understand why Adobe does not recognise that the world is metric with only one hold out.

    • Jim: I’m not sure what you mean. If you change the Preferences to mm or cm, then where does ID change the measurement to imperial?

  5. Being some time since I set mine up and have set my preferences, so going from memory.

    But it seems to me when I first opened up items such as margins and tabs would pop up with the preference of say 25.4mm or 12.7mm etc.

    Programs were not actually switching to Imperial measurements but converted a pre set 1″ to 25.4 or a 1/2 to 12.7.

    So what I am saying is why not make metric the default measurement?

    • Jim: Oh! That is a good point. Yes, margins and tabs are all set with a default of 1/2-inch. Or perhaps you could say they are based on 3 picas. I much prefer working in picas and points, so a 3 pica margin makes sense to me.

      That said, if someone chooses an A4 or A3 page (for example), then I agree that InDesign should be smart enough to set the margins and tabs (and column gutters, etc.) to a metric amount. Good idea. You should write that in at the site.

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