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Finally Endnotes! (well sort of…)

This year at Adobe MAX, Adobe announced the next major release of Creative Cloud officially called CC 2018. With it comes a new version of each application and InCopy is no exception. Now the new features added to InCopy in the last several releases were essentially updates to make the product compatible with the new features added to Adobe InDesign and this version is no exception. I’ll talk about all of the new features in an upcoming post but right now I want to talk about Endnotes!


I began using Adobe InDesign when it was initially released back in 1999. Almost since day 1, one of the most requested features was endnotes. InDesign added footnotes in a later version but still no endnotes. For book designers and even non-book designers, the need for endnotes was apparent and designers had to jump through laborious hoops to achieve the desired result. Well, I’m happy to say that with the release of InDesign CC 2018, a functional version of endnotes have been added!

The endnotes in InDesign allow the endnotes to be added at the end of the document or at the end of the current story. The latter being a feature that I actually used on a recent project that contained endnotes at the end of each section of a document and I have to say it worked fabulously for that project.

Where do I find Endnotes in InCopy

Well that’s the rub of course. Although typically the new features implemented in InDesign also get added to InCopy, for whatever reason, the feature didn’t make it into InCopy CC 2018. So why would I even tell you about this feature on if the feature didn’t get added to InCopy? Well, I’ve spoken to some of the people on the InDesign/InCopy development team and they’ve assured me that they haven’t forgotten about InCopy and that they’re actively working on adding this feature to Adobe InCopy. So expect to see this in a future release and also a post here on detailing how endnotes work in InCopy!

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Author, and Consultant in the Philadelphia area and works with clients to improve their creative workflows using Adobe products. He's also the author of several courses on He specializes in PDF accessibility using Adobe InDesign and is a regular speaker at The InDesign Conference and PePcon.
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