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Find Common InDesign Errors with Quality Assurance Plug-in

I think the Preflight feature in InDesign is really great, except for two things: It won’t work in CS3, and it can’t find a lot of the “errors” that I’m looking for! That’s why I asked the folks at to make a new plug-in that would solve both of these for users.

They came up with a plug-in called Quality Assurance, and we added it in as one of the 12 plug-ins in the Blatner Tools suite. Here’s some of the stuff it can find:

  • Multiple punctuation or spaces (two dashes in a row, two spaces after a period, three exclamation points, etc.)
  • Leading or trailing spaces (spaces at the beginning of a paragraph, extra returns between paragraphs, etc.)
  • Frames that are overset, empty, hiding on the pasteboard, or even hiding behind other frames
  • Frames that are duplicated (for example, if you accidentally placed two images in the same position, one partly on top of the other)
  • Runts (short lines at the end of a paragraph; you can say how many characters you will allow)
  • Too-thin strokes, unnamed colors for fill or stroke, and more!

If you’re the kind of person who likes to see things in action, here’s a movie I just made about how the QA panel works:

Even better, the Quality Assurance panel is only one of 12 different plug-ins in the suite! And the suite is 30% off  (only $99 or 79 EUR) until the end of November!

You can get more information about QA and BlatnerTools at

David Blatner

David Blatner

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2 Comments on “Find Common InDesign Errors with Quality Assurance Plug-in

  1. Just a suggestion. I think it’s great the extra quality assurance options you’ve added, but no two users are alike. What would really be very powerful and flexible is if you could set quality assurance to find GREP patterns. This would allow every user to customize quality assurance to his/her needs.

  2. Error message while mounting the pages – occurs with only certain templates.

    “moveUsageToNewLocation adjust loop didn’t terminate”

    Please let me know what does this mean – its urgent.

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