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Free Video: InDesign for UX Design

It’s time for another great free video from¬†! This time Brian Wood shows how to use InDesign for UX Design.

Here’s the full course description:

Adobe InDesign offers an array of features and tools that make it easier for designers to bring their projects to life. In this course, learn the concepts and skills you need to leverage InDesign for UX design and prototyping projects. Here, Brian Wood explains how to use InDesign tools to create wireframes and prototypes, how to work smarter by using object and text styles, and how to create a content library with CC Libraries. Plus, learn how to work with multistate objects, create animations, export prototypes to interactive PDF and Publish Online, and more.

Topics include:

  • Setting InDesign preferences
  • Creating InDesign files
  • Creating reusable artwork and formatting
  • Creating a content library with CC Libraries
  • Creating wireframe screens
  • Setting up alternate layouts
  • Creating a prototype
  • Working with multistate objects
  • Creating animations
  • Exporting prototypes to interactive PDF and Publish Online

Using a layout grid

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Adobe InDesign and UX

Creating different size layouts

Linking between screens

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4 Comments on “Free Video: InDesign for UX Design

  1. I really don’t know what to think about that.
    Indesign could be the perfect tool for webdesign if only Adobe would work on a proper export to HTML ou PSD.
    It has everything a webdesigner could find useful : styles, effects, templates, text-bitmap-vector, etc.

    Instead of this, INDD is just used to make wireframe tha could be done as well in Word or Excel…

    Don’t understand the logic.

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